Why video is the most powerful marketing tool for your business – big or small

Why video is the most powerful marketing tool for your business – big or small

Video is your most powerful marketing tool, no matter whether your business is big or small. But don’t just take our word for it, the Huffington Post reports that video has become the tool of choice for savvy marketers – and that was last year.

Video’s popularity can be explained by five compelling reasons. If you’re not already on board with video, now’s the time.

Video shows

Seeing is believing. There’s no substitute for seeing a product with your own eyes. Even if your landing pages, articles and social media postings are all tops, customers still want to see the product or service for themselves. Video shows sights, sounds and how your product or service works in context. As soon as customers can see it working, they’ll start convincing themselves they need it.

Video explains

If a customer doesn’t understand your product, they won’t buy. Unfortunately, explaining some products in text alone can be difficult – especially if you have a new, innovative product. Often, the customer will need a visual to determine exactly what you’re selling.

For example, IntegraPay’s in-video payments allow you to put a sales checkout into your video so customers can buy direct, without going to a landing page. It’s a new product, so there isn’t much to compare it with. But by watching a video of in-video-payments at work, you can come to your own conclusions about how it works, so you don’t have to read the manual.

Video's popularity explained

Video keeps attention

Whenever you read, you skip to the good parts. Everyone does. Your customers scan your marketing content, and if something doesn’t grab attention, they click away. This isn’t a new concept.

The same eye tracking studies have established that video doesn’t suffer from this as much as text. If the first 10 seconds grabs attention, chances are you’ll be watching the next thirty seconds, too. Video makes us slow down and watch. And when customers slow down to consider your message, that message is more likely to sink in.

Video creates trust

It’s no secret that customers buy from people they like and trust. Your product might be the best invention since the supersonic bread slicer, but if people don’t trust you, you won’t make a sale.

The right video can create this trust. Some of the best videos are the business founder speaking one-to-one with the camera. When viewing such a video, customers get much more than in a text or ad. They get to see how the CEO conducts themselves, how they talk, and whether they’re genuine. These impressions can have a lasting impact in making the sale.

Video can ask for the sale

If you want to make a sale, you need to ask for it. And when you ask for the sale, you need to have a way of processing the payment. IntegraPay’s in-video payments let you process customer payments inside a video, wherever that video is being watched. For example, if a customer is watching on Facebook, in-video payments will give them a checkout option right there on Facebook. They don’t need to click out to a landing page, or get lost finding your product page from a blog link.

They just buy.

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