When it comes to business payment processing, you have quite a few options that can help you accept payments. The right solution for your business depends on the type of payment you want to accept, how often the billing happens, and whether you need to send invoices to track purchases.


Online Payments

This method is convenient for everyone involved. You can set up an online bill payment portal on your website and the entire payment process happens there. You don’t need someone manually handling the cards or sitting in an office waiting to take accept payments.


Recurring Billing

Do you need a payment processing solution for a recurring bill? One of the biggest advantages to this option is eliminating the need to manually accept payment each month. Customers set it up once and it automatically happens.


Electronic Invoicing

A paper invoice is likely to get buried on a desk or lost. You have to go through the work of following up with that client to see why they haven’t made a payment or tracking down the records that they did. Electronic invoicing puts all of this information in front of you in a convenient location. Both you and the buyer can review the invoice, and you can even include a way to pay directly from it to make things even easier.


Gateway and Shopping Cart

Customers expect to see a shopping cart when they go to a website with products for sale. Expecting someone to email or call to place an order is an inefficient method that will lose you a lot of sales.


The gateway makes it possible to accept credit cards directly on your website for a seamless experience. They don’t have to go off to another site for the payment processing side of things. This consistent experience improves your business brand and trust factor.


A quality business payment solution gives you a lot of ways for your customers to pay you. Your company’s needs will change over time, so keep these ways in mind when you start to look into expanding what you can offer to your buyers.