When you run a child care center, it’s important to build strong ties with your community of parents. When you have a strong relationship with the parents of the children you care for, you not only create a thriving, safe, fulfilling environment, you also ensure that the business aspect of your center runs smoothly.


One of the best ways to ensure strong ties with your parent community is by using direct debit for child care center payments. By using direct debits, you can improve convenience for parents. Plus, you ensure that you get paid on time.
Here are some of the best benefits of accepting direct debit payments at your child care center.


Improved Relationships

Handling and talking about money can put a strain on relationships, even with the parents of children at your child care center. Take the financial conversations out of the equation by accepting direct debits for payments.
Save their financial information, then deduct the amount that they owe without having to wait for a check or cash. This allows you to focus on the child as the center of your conversations. Suddenly, you don’t need to discuss money.


The Business Benefits of Automated Payments

Consider accepting automatic, recurring payments for child care in the form of direct debits. When you have a customer’s financial information stored securely, you can routinely deduct the amount that they owe without needing to wait for approval each time. This ensures that you don’t have customers who pay late (interrupting cash flow) or don’t pay at all.
After establishing automatic, recurring payments, you can have a dependable amount of cash on hand and maintain a strong customer base that supports your business.


Helpful Time-Saving Steps

Accepting direct debits and automatic recurring payments doesn’t just help improve your financial situation and improve relationships. It can also save you a good amount of time since you don’t have to do as much work each week (or month) processing payments.
That way, you can save your precious time and energy to work on things that really matter, like improving the childcare you provide, taking care of your facility, nurturing the children you care for or focusing on self-care.


Tools and Tips to Arm Your Staff with Skills and Confidence

If you want your staff to interact with parents in a confident, skilled way, train them to understand how direct debit payments work. Then, teach them how to explain the process and its advantages to parents. They can help elucidate the benefits of the system and lead parents through the sign-up phase.
With a well-trained confident staff and simple payment options, you can manage a child care center that runs smoothly and keeps parents happy.