Have you ever had sweaty palms or a dry mouth when you were suddenly given a new responsibility at work or have a crisis that you have to address? If you have had this or any similar experience, you’re experiencing stress–that unique response that your body and brain gives to external situations or demands. Stress has a powerful impact on your health and can have adverse results, such as a suppressed immune system. Thus, it’s vital to understand stress and how to manage the pressure that comes along with it if you want to improve your productivity. Read on to discover how to you can get it done.


What Causes Stress?

Stress can originate from a variety of sources, including urgent or unexpected matters, performance expectations that are unclear, low salaries, pressure from trying to meet short deadlines, or having too many responsibilities to handle from work. It’s important to be able to know where your stress comes from so you can take action to reduce it.


Prioritize What’s Important and Learn to Say “No”

To mitigate stress, it’s important to get your priorities straight. Thus, placing more value on what’s important versus what’s urgent is key to less stress. Focus on projects that align the best with your goals and provide the most impact. Also, say “no” more frequently, so you can get the important things done. Establish boundaries to eliminate interruptions to enhance your productivity.


Take Time to Occasionally Unplug from the World

Engaging in an activity that is relaxing is important to reduce stress. You can get this done in various ways, including meditating or taking a vacation. Consider engaging in exercise consistently, including doing yoga or swimming. Learn to relax, designate time away from the office, and leave work alone during your relaxing time. You have to unplug from the office and the world completely to reduce stress and improve your productivity.


Automate and Outsource Where Possible

If you want to reduce stress on the job, it’s important to outsource or automate tasks when you can. You can leverage services that help automate tasks for you. For example, IntegraPay helps to automate your billing and helps you accept recurring payments for subscriptions. You can also outsource your content creation for your company blog to reduce the time needed to write consistently.


Final Thoughts

Stress can reduce how well you perform at work, so it’s important to manage stress. Understand what’s causing your stress and take steps to reduce, including setting time away from work, prioritizing the important things, and outsourcing and automating tasks. By taking these steps, you can alleviate your stress levels and improve your productivity at work.