Social media is a valuable tool for your business. No matter your industry, social media is one of the best ways for building a personal connection with your customers. The only downside is that it can be time-consuming. It takes time to create the content that you are sharing and even longer to respond to comments and answer questions. Stay on top of your company’s social media by using these time saving hacks:


Content Batching


One of the best time saving hacks with social media is to use a strategy called batching. This means that you sit down and write all your Facebook posts in one session and all your Twitter posts in another. The idea is that by not having to switch from one task to another, which might require a different content type or voice, you can work more efficiently.


Leveraging Automation


Once you have content created, use tools to automate its posting. For instance, you could schedule a post on your blog and have that post shared automatically. There are also tools for scheduling content on each platform if you’d rather create unique posts for each network. This way, you can schedule your content as you create it. Then plan to have it post automatically when your followers are most active. Saving you time and giving you the flexibility to schedule content when it is convenient for you.


Time Saving Hacks: Automation Tools


There are several social media automation tools out there. Here are a few great tools for time saving hacks:

Instagram: Schedugram – One of the very few solutions that allows you to actually post to Instagram. Unlike Latergram, this application will post to Instagram rather then sending you a post reminder. It uses a complex closed network mobile phones and applications to post to the Instagram app. With both a single post and bulk upload feature, it’s a great time saver and you can schedule as many times as you want. Both images and video’s can be uploaded and posted and pricing depends on the amount of your account followers. Schedugram is a cheap and effective way to get Instagram post batching automated.

Facebook/Twitter: Facebook has it’s own built in post scheduler, where you can post status updates, events, videos and a range of other post options. If you want something more advanced and are planning to use other social networks such as Twitter or YouTube, it may be an idea to look at all in one tools. Some of these include,

Buffer: Allows you to post across, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pintrest & Google Plus. It also offers dashboards and analytics to measure post engagement, so you can see if the content you are using is effective with your audience. Pricing is free for a single user and allows up to 10 scheduled posts per person ranging to $99+ a month for a bespoke business solution.

Hootsuite: Is a very popular social media dashboard that works similar to Buffer. It allows you to post across the major social media platforms and has a total view across each channel. Pricing starts at $25 up to an enterprise level for digital agencies. The built in reports and ROI measurement are the major draw cards of Hootsuite.


Having a Plan


It also helps to have a social media plan. If you just post content haphazardly, it can be easy to fall down the social media rabbit hole or get too busy with other tasks that you forget. Instead, map out when you will post new content. This includes how many new posts you will share each day/week, and how often old content will be re-posted. You might also want to plan time for each social media platform to review comments and questions, such as setting aside an hour at the beginning or end of your work day.


Monetize Your Social Media Posts


Another time saving hack is to shorten your sales funnel and generate sales right from your social media posts. Effectively turning your social media channels into revenue generation streams. Here a couple of effective tools to help monetize your social media posts.

Make your Instagram posts shop-able by using Foursixty. Commonly used by fashion brands and niches that use compelling visuals on Instagram. This handy tool helps push observers into consumers. By linking back to your website from Instagram within the post comments, you can direct your audience to a page that resembles your Instagram feed. On this page you can hot spot your products onto your images. It creates time saving hacks for your customers as it eliminates the guesswork when they see an item on your Instagram feed. It can also shorten the route to purchase, while fostering spontaneous purchases.

Quantify Your Success


Finally, make sure that you quantify your social media successes. Pay attention to the time of day or day of the week that gets you the most interaction. Also which types of content appeal to the most people and which social media networks are most successful for you. Doing so will help you see what is working and what is not so that you can put your efforts into those activities with the greatest return on your time investment.