As a gym owner, you have to stay on top of many tasks to effectively manage your gym. Duties that would fall under full departments in other types of businesses will often end up on your plate. Scaling your operations in this situation is difficult. Fortunately, gym management software streamlines your workflow and automates many common functions so you can focus on growing your fitness center. Look for these essential gym management software features when you’re searching for the right system for your needs.


Automated Check-In


The check-in process should be quick and easy for gym goers. They typically want to get right to their workout so they don’t waste their limited time. An automated check-in procedure frees up your staff time and keeps your clients happy.


Customer Membership and Relationship Management


You should have easy access to member information without going through multiple spreadsheets or paper files. This feature brings everything from their contact details to their call logs to your fitness center. You should also be able to see their membership level and status in this section.


Fitness Membership Payment Processing


Flexible fitness payment options make it easier for new members to sign up and current clients to stick around. Direct debit paymentscredit cards and mobile payments are a few methods to keep in mind. When you look for this feature, make sure it supports recurring billing.


Centralized Scheduling


Get rid of paper schedules or offline spreadsheets. Centralized scheduling tools give you better visibility into who’s working, personal trainer availability and open appointment slots.


Marketing Automation


Marketing is an important part of building your membership base as a fitness center, but it takes up a lot of time. You may not have a marketing employee at all. Marketing automation gives you a helping hand with these tasks by handling repetitive processes. You can send out emails, plan a direct mail campaign and stay on top of social media mentions.


HR Functions


Processing resumes, scheduling interviews and handling benefits can be complicated to do by hand. Instead, your gym management software solution can support you in these tasks so you don’t commit any problematic oversights.

You can’t do everything on your own, but bringing in administrative staff for your fitness center may not be in the budget yet. A gym management tool gives you the opportunity to scale your operations and continually improve things for both gym goers and staff alike.