The competition for the Australian charity dollar has never been tougher – but luckily, IntegraPay is light years ahead of the competition – and we’re here to help you with your regular donations.

IntegraPay offers a range of tools to allow any charity or nonprofit business structure to attract maximum donations. In short, our technology allows you to focus your efforts on the people who need you the most. Setting up key donors on IntegraPay’s recurring payment system can give your organisation the edge it needs to attract key donations.

IntegraPay’s customer-centric payment solutions puts charities and not-for-profit organisations in control of their donations, with 24/7 access from anywhere on any device.  By bolting-on our payment solutions to your existing software, we give you the power to set up donors on a regular payment schedule or accept one-off donations through a comprehensive suite of payment options; IntegraPay also offers Australia’s first in-video payment solution, enabling organisations to accept impulse purchases directly inside online videos anywhere on the web.

These options help you to focus on supporting the people who need you the most.  We make it easy for to accept funds from donors, with a range of convenient payment options. Fundraising is hard enough, so simplifying transactions with IntegraPay saves you time and allows you to tap into a stream of regular donation.


Use Australian-First Charity Technology at IntegraPay


IntegraPay is home to Australia’s first in-video payment solution, enabling organisations to accept impulse purchases directly inside online videos, ultimately turning your video into a ‘checkout’.  The technology’s key feature allows donors to pay directly within a video on any website or social media channel, offering an Australian-first tool for charities and not for profit organisations.  The payment software turns your business’ existing videos into efficient sales machines by widening the marketing net to potentially millions of people through social media sharing and website embedding.

Partnering with IntegraPay allows organisations to streamline their payment pathway to attract purchases from internet users on websites and on social media, by turning their own videos into real-time ‘checkouts’.  In-video payments allow users to stay within the video they’re watching and are given the option to pay directly in the video.  IntegraPay’s in-video checkouts mean the audience is engaged and emotionally connecting with the content on the screen, and during that moment, prompted to purchase.

IntegraPay’s video transaction technology is Australian Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant, meaning the technology reaches security standards designed to ensure that companies that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information securely and payments are encrypted.


Introduce Your Repeat Donors to a Recurring Payment Platform


Turn your repeat donors into an automated recurring revenue stream with IntegraPay.  With our automated payments solution, you can set your incoming charitable donations on autopilot through BPAY, credit card or direct debit, and get back to focusing on building lasting connections with donors.

Turn your efforts to your networks and relationships instead of manual processing and reconciliation of transactions. IntegraPay allows you to save your resources from administration turn them to marketing and events, allowing you to spend more time on boosting your cash flow and engaging with your network and the people who need your attention the most.


Regular Donors Solution Allows You To Forecast Donations 


With our solutions, you can accurately forecast your incoming donations. This makes it easier to plan for the future, and in turn, gives you confidence and ideas for growth.  Take this information and apply it to forecast your upcoming calendar of events or marketing schedule; we give you more time to focus on your community to deliver the best possible service and assistance to your valued clients.  Plus, our streamlined services means that errors are significantly reduced.


Security Is Always Guaranteed


Cyber crime and fraud can affect businesses of all sizes – it’s crucial to significantly reduce the entry points in which criminals can harm your business, or access your customers’ data.  By using a trusted and secure payment system like IntegraPay for your automated payments, both your business and your clients will be kept safe and secure at all times.


Reduce Your Overheads And Seamlessly Add Surcharges


With IntegraPay, you’ll save money on printing and sending out invoices in the post. Automation will also free up more time for your employees who are not spending time creating recurring invoices or payments.  Add surcharges to payments – Our automated payments allow you to add any transaction or late fees to your customer’s invoices and payments. When your customer pays their invoice the transaction charges are automatically included to the invoice.


Our Experts Are Always On Hand To Help You


Be paid on time, improve your cash flow, and let our experts handle your queries at any time.  Our qualified payment solutions experts work closely with charities and not-for-profit organisations to understand their business and tailor the best payment solution to maximise their donations. Accepting payment of recurring or one-off donations, by credit card or bank account, is always simple with our range of flexible solutions.  Our advanced API toolkit, featuring easy-to-follow instructions and self-service development sandbox, provides easy integration with charity and not-for-profit software platforms.

With IntegraPay, manual data entry is a thing of the past, but our customer service is always and ready to help.

Find out more about charity payment solutions or get started today and gain the payments processing advantage with a company like IntegraPay, and you and your charity will never look back.