When a lead decides to become a paying customer of your company, you can collect important information from that customer in order to ensure that they enjoyed their experience buying from or working with you. You can also use the information to be provide reliably excellent experiences for customers in the future. If you want to know what current customers really think about their experiences working with your company, consider using a survey and asking some of these key survey questions.


Surveys that include the following questions can help you understand what people liked and what they didn’t — as well as how you can improve.


Gauging Customer Satisfaction Immediately After a Purchase

Right after customers make a purchase with your company, you can take advantage of their fresh memory and determine how they felt about their interaction. Use surveys to find whether customers were satisfied or whether they saw room for improvement. Here are survey questions you can ask to gauge your customer’s satisfaction immediately after a purchase.
  • How satisfied were you with your product or service today?
  • What did you like about your experience?
  • What could we do better next time?
  • Would you be likely to use our product/service again?


Gauging Customer Satisfaction Over the Long Term

Often, clients aren’t just one-time-customers. Instead, they establish a long-term relationship with a company and buy (or work together) again and again. You can learn more about how your business actually operates (and how clients or customers feel about your company) by asking about the thoughts and opinions of long-term customers. Consider asking them the following questions:
  • How long have you been using our services or products?
  • Are satisfied you with our products or services, overall?
  • How does our product/service make you feel?
  • Would you be likely to recommend our goods/services to others?
  • How would you rate your last experience with us?
  • What should we never stop doing?


How to Improve Your Customer Survey Results

If you try to get customers to fill out a survey about their experiences working with your company, but they’re just not biting (or turning in surveys) don’t give up. You can still harness the power of customer surveys by using the following tactics, which encourage people to turn their survey answers in.
  • Offer incentives: Give a reward for returning a completed survey with all survey questions filled out. The reward could be a discount or freebie.
  • Make surveys simple: Don’t make it hard for people to give you the information you want to see! Instead, simplify your survey questions, make them easier to fill out, and make them easier to return.
  • Let people skip questions: If someone doesn’t have an answer for a survey question, allow them to leave out an answer. This will make them feel like they have agency over the information they’re giving you and encourage them to complete the process.