Whether you’re selling a product or a service online, you don’t want to be stuck with leads that go nowhere. However, converting “onlookers” to real customers takes more than creating fancy websites. It takes execution with the right techniques. Here are a few ways to convert customers you should know to foolproof your conversion game plan:


1. Foolproof With Funnels


Whether you call it a marketing funnel or sales funnel, funnels are ways to convert leads into paying customers. These funnels involve the stages of awareness, interest and desire, which all help lead to the action stage. If you want to increase your conversion rate of prospective customers, move them through these stages of the funnel. You can achieve this in a variety of ways, including via influencer marketing and social media to create awareness or a sense of urgency.

Coordinating your content will be key to taking them down the conversion funnel. Therefore, it’s vital to make sure your branding does more than give information: It should tell a story. Try sharing your story via photos or live streaming a video on Facebook or Instagram that demonstrates the product or event-making process. Use it as an opportunity to create engagement. You can then share a link or direct them to a landing page that provides more information on where to access this product or event. This helps move the customer from being aware that the product or event exists to being curious about the story behind it and engaged in the conversation, which then can lead to consideration and conversion.


2. Take Advantage of A/B Split Testing


Getting prospects to your website and browsing through your pages isn’t enough to keep them. You have to take it a step further and make sure everything works. One of the best ways to achieve this is to optimize A/B split testing. You can test almost any form of content you provide to prospects with A/B split testing, including videos, emails and websites. The key is to test in the early stages and to test frequently. You’ll be able to discover what is working including the conversion rates after your prospects have gone to your website. You can also garner valuable feedback from the users by using feedback sessions and polls to gain insight. With this insight you can move them from simply browsing a web page to taking action and buying your service or product.


3. Simplify Checkout With Seamless Payments


Shopping cart abandonment can be the factor that gets in between converting a browser into a buyer and long-time customer. While transaction fees and shippingcosts are often cited as reasons for shopping cart abandonment, complicated payment workflow can halt the buying process as well. Part of making sure that everything is working on your website also includes providing customers with simplicity. You can achieve this with seamless payment solutions that make filling out information easier and instant. For example, you can opt for business payment solutions that accept credit cards onlinedirect debit payments with a Pay Now button or in-video payments that integrate with social media. By offering your current customers and leads ways to take a desired action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a webinar, easier, you can help increase your conversion rate.




4. Use Automation to Generate Recurring Income


The conversion process doesn’t just stop at prospective customers. You also have to consider your current customers as a source to generate more profits. Strengthening the bond with customers who come back to make purchases at your site but haven’t made the full commitment. Turn them into loyal customers by offering them a way to stay loyal. You can achieve this by optimizing tools that automate payment processes to generate recurring income, such as business payment solutions that facilitate recurring payments.


5. Embrace Email Marketing


If you think email is dead, think again. While email marketing is one of the oldest ways to convert customers, it still holds its ground in being a successful means for turning leads into customers. In fact, a study indicates that emails that are automatically sent based on actions consumers take have an open rate that is 152 percent higher than standard emails. However, you want to make sure the information you are providing is relevant to the prospective customer. You can achieve this by allowing your prospects to immediately preview selected content before asking users to sign up so they have an idea of what you have to offer. You can also take advantage of triggered emails to remind online shoppers about abandoned shopping carts.


6. Lure Them In With Valuable Landing Pages


Part of converting leads into customers is by giving them quality information, and it can be simpler than you think. Simply adding more communication can help increase your conversion rate. By including a phone number or a live chat option to speak to a sales representative can speed up the process. Use bullet points to make it easy for viewers to spot 4-5 main benefits that your product or service offers. Also, create landing pages with responsive web design in mind that can work on multiple platforms, such as mobile or web.


Final Thoughts


Whether it means accepting direct debit payments to streamline the checkout process or optimizing conversion funnels, action from leads is vital to turn them into customers. By taking these techniques into consideration and utilizing them into your marketing and sales plans, you can improve your conversion efforts to get more customers.