Your time is precious and something that cannot be earned back once it passes. That’s why now is the time to stop wasting time in business and to start setting up a plan to be productive. But where can you start? Let the experts be your guide and show you how they streamline their businesses with these few tips for amping up your productivity.


1. Streamline Your Conversations


If you want to make sure your business is being productive and want to know where to start finding “time savers,” think about the conversations that you’re engaging in. From phone calls to meetings, your conversations can consume your time rapidly, especially meetings that get off track. Sports and tech business billionaire Mark Cuban makes sure every conversation counts by keeping it to a minimum, using email as his primary form of communication for both good news and bad news. He limits his meetings and phone calls to problems that need fixing and when he’s receiving a check. These tactics and simple tools help him stay efficient and avoid a reduction in productivity.


2. Allocate Your Time Wisely


Some of the best thinkers, business entrepreneurs and inventors share a common activity: They allocate their time wisely by learning. This can be learning a new skill or trying to learn how to make your business more efficient with better marketing practices. In fact, Bigcommerce co-founder Mitch Harper makes time to become an expert at learning by asking questions at least five times more than he answers them to learn from people who have experienced what he’s going through. Benjamin Franklin’s practice of setting aside five hours a week for learning is still practiced today by leaders such as Bill Gates and Elon Musk. They take the time to be constant learners. Bar consultant and TV personality Joe Taffer suggests allocating 20 percent of your time to make operations and marketing better so that your business can be productive.


3. Automate Your Processes


When your team has to manually enter in data, you’re allowing them to waste valuable time that can be used on activities of more importance. However, when you use automated services, you can get the job done right away and save time and costs on human errors. Automation is the way of the future and even stands to take over repetitive tasks that can save time and promote efficiency. It allows you to streamline processes both on an operational and individual level. Leading Thought co-founder and futurist consultant Liz Alexander uses an app to automatically schedule her appointments and other tasks in her calendar to save her time for more vital activities, such as work that generates revenue. You can take a cue from Alexander and invest in automation, such as small business payment solutions to make recurring payments. For example, you can use business payment solutions that make automated payments to consultants or contracted workers for completed tasks you outsource so you don’t have to spend time on processing individual payments.



Final Thoughts


Achieving productivity excellence does not have to be difficult. You can streamline your business processes by taking the right actions to stop wasting time. When you automate your processes, plan out how to best divvy up your hours, and engage in the most valuable conversations instead of fostering pointless meetings or discussions, you stand to save time for your business while practising productivity excellence.