If you’re running a business, you understand the constant struggle to bring in new customers. What you must never forget during this process, though, is that the real money comes from repeat business. This is why you should strive to create loyal customers. Fortunately, there are a few great ways to start a loyalty program that keeps clients coming back.


Figure Out a Way to Opt People In


The first hurdle to a successful loyalty program is getting people signed up. To pull this off, you typically need to offer people an incentive. This could be anything from a free meal for a restaurant loyalty program to a 25 percent discount on car detailing for auto shops.

Offering this incentive via social media, on your website and at your physical location is essential. Typically, you can ask for an email address in exchange for the incentive, and when consumers opt in, you’re able to send marketing messages to them.


Accept Automated Payments


Offering an incentive for email signups guarantees that you can send marketing messages, but if you accept credit cardsand are able to take direct debit payments, you’ve done more than provide yourself with a marketing outlet. A consumer agreeing to automated payments is the very definition of a loyalty program.

You can minimise consumers’ reluctance to hand over their financial information by utilizing a professional third party to automate the payments (like us here at IntegraPay). And since 41 percent of loyalty program members say they sign up for these programs to get discounts, add on a price deduction for setting up automatic drafts and these customers will come running.


Treat Loyal Customers Like Royalty


When someone signs up for your loyalty program or sets up automated payments, you need to go out of your way to make them feel special. Set up another email list separate from your master list and send special messages. These could include happy birthday wishes, upcoming event announcements and forthcoming incentives reserved solely for your loyalty program members.

These tactics will let your loyal patrons know that they’re appreciated. Just make sure that you’re spacing out your email messages. One of the worst things you can do is make faithful customers think you’re spamming them.

Whether you’re accepting recurring payments or handing out punch cards, a loyalty program is one of the best ways to keep profits high. It’s not enough to attract new clients. Once they show up, the most important job is keeping them around.