Smash your online sales with our new in-video payment system


Smash your online sales with our new in-video payment system

Smash your online sales this Christmas and you’ll be off to a great 2017. And if you’re an intelligent marketer, you’ll be using video. With over 4 billion videos watched on Facebook each day, video puts your products where customers can view, engage and make buying decisions.

But you can make your videos even more effective with IntegraPay’s in-video payment system — a new technology, and an industry first. Here’s why: imagine you’ve just shared a video across Facebook. You’re asking customers to buy, but up till now they’ve had to:

1. Watch the video
2. Click to your sales page
3. Find the featured product
4. Add it to their shopping cart
5. Checkout and buy

That’s 5 distinct chances to lose the sale. Many customers won’t even bother to take the first step to leave Facebook. Videos are great at engaging the customer, but they’ve never been able to directly ask for the sale.

Until now.

With IntegraPay’s new in-video payment system, the buying process looks like this:

1. The customer watches the video on Facebook
2. They click the “buy” button inside the video
3. They enter their payment details while the video is still playing in front of them

The customer hasn’t had to click to another website, and they’re engaged the whole time — even while making their payment. Best of all, as this is a new technology, few of your competitors will be using it this Christmas. Take advantage now, and smash your online sales.

How to make in-video payments work for your business

Let’s look at what you’ll do to make this system work for you.

Step one: Pick your best existing videos

Likely, you’ve already got videos good to go. So you can use in-video payments right now. The system works with all videos, in all formats. All you do is pick your best ones.

Step two: Enter product details

Now enter the featured product name and price into your in-video payments dashboard. The system will link it to IntegraPay’s 40-years tested, PCI compliant gateway. When a customer makes an in-video payment, the funds go to your bank account the same as any eCommerce site.

Step three: Choose an overlay style

The in-video payment system comes with a choice of different overlays to suit a wide range of brand styles.

Each overlay has several parts. A “buy” button that’s always visible. A shopping cart that appears when the customer clicks buy, and a purchase screen where they enter their credit card. The video keeps playing under the overlay even as the customer makes their purchase.

Step four: Post the video

You’ll be given an updated link to post where you want the video to appear. The in-video payments system works its magic, and your customers can now buy products directly from your video.

With four easy steps, IntegraPay’s in-video payments system will:

1. Keep customers engaged all the way through the sale
2. Reduce sales friction and shopping cart abandonment
3. Put your sales pages directly on Facebook

It’d also very affordable. No matter how many videos you have, packages start at just $99 a month. Come talk to our sales team about how to smash your online sales this Christmas.

Want to know more? Check out how in-video payments work or enquire now:

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