Choosing the right payment options can make it easier for you to boost gym revenue. If you worry that your gym isn’t making as much money as possible, then you should adopt one or more of these three payment options to make sure you’re maximizing the business’s potential.


Require Direct Debit Payments


Direct debit payments offer benefits for you and the people who use your gym. It’s a good idea for you because you can guarantee that you will receive membership fees on time. It’s good for members because they don’t have to worry about whether they paid you. Make life easier for everyone by requiring new members to sign up for direct debit payments.


Offer a Discount for Referred Clients


Most people prefer using monthly payments to fund their gym memberships. With automatic monthly payments, they get an affordable option that gives them full access to your gym’s equipment and services. If you want to grow your revenue by attracting new clients, it makes sense for you to give your loyal clients a referral option that comes with a discounted rate. This makes sense from a revenue perspective because you:

  • Establish an incentive and easily increase the likely hood of word of mouth advertising
  • Discount offering can be on fixed terms or for a short period of time to help increase lift over the quieter periods
  • Can be used to establish programs or classes offered to help fill up numbers

A 10 percent discount doesn’t hurt your revenue potential much when you consider the benefits that you get in return.


Create Member Accounts for Automatic Fitness Payments


Your gym can increase its revenue by selling retail items, snacks and extra fitness services like personal training and massages. Unfortunately, asking members to pay you in person can dissuade them from using certain services. They may not mind giving you a few dollars for a high-end energy drink, but they could shy away from more expensive options like yoga classes and personal training sessions.

Instead of taking in-person payments, let members charge products and services to their accounts. People are more likely to spend money when they don’t feel an immediate financial loss. By adding charges to their accounts, you can make extras feel like a part of their monthly membership dues.

No matter how big or small your gym is, you need to find simple solutions that helps boost gym revenue. These three payment options are great places to start.