The Xero online accounting platform offers a powerful invoicing tool that’s helpful when you need to bill clients for products or services. By learning how to use this solution effectively and what to do if a client ignores an invoice, you can smooth out your company’s cash flow and receive timely payment.


How to send an Invoice in Xero

You start with the invoice template in Xero with a selected branding theme. All of the details are fully customizable, so you can add exactly what you need for that particular client. Since Xero is a fully online platform, it even supports doing this on your mobile device. Fill out the invoice details, such as what products or services they purchased, who the invoice should be addressed to, and the due date for the payment. Once you input all of this information, all you need to do is click send for it to go out to your client via email.


What to Do After Sending Your Xero Invoice

Ideally you need a payment solution connected to Xero so the client can pay as soon as they receive the invoice or before the due date. However, sometimes they can get caught up with other job duties and forget about the bill. In rare cases, the client may actively choose not to pay you. Your first step is sending a reminder to make the client aware of the outstanding invoice. Xero can automate this process so the follow-up goes out during a scheduled time.


You may need to contact the client directly via email or a phone call. If your client doesn’t pay at this point, you may need to pursue other remedies to the situation. A late fee can motivate procrastinating clients into getting their payments in to avoid a financial hit. Lawyers and debt collectors are other resources to pull out to address clients who make the conscious decision to not pay you as a last resort. Relying heavily though on debt collectors can impact your companies image and can place your businesses reputation at risk in the marketplace.


Use IntegraPay + Xero

Are you worried that invoice reminder emails might hurt your relationship with a client? One way to eliminate them is to remove all barriers in the way of a client paying you. When you use IntegraPay with Xero, they can click a Pay Now button and pay via credit card, bank direct debit or BPay. For customers on a recurring basis you can schedule a repeating invoice with the due date triggering a direct debit payment to the customers nominated stored payment method. No need to chase outstanding invoices and solidifying cash flow. And to save even more time, all invoices payments are auto reconciled, with all bank reconciliation done with one click of a button. For more on our comprehensive payment solution for Xero feel free to speak to one of our payment specialists and sign up for an IntegraPay account today.