When you’re getting your sports club going, it’s easy to just go with a processor or payment solution that charges the lowest rate. But how you collect your payments can either help or hurt your business. That’s why it’s important to choose payment solutions that work for your business model and fits the needs of your fitness center, sports club or recreation-focused organization. Here’s how you can select the right payment solution to support your fitness club business.


Direct Debit: Save Time on Administration

If time is of essence, then direct debit payment solutions can prove beneficial for time-strapped business owners. When you use direct debit payments as a payment solution to support your recreation club, you can save time on administrative tasks, such as managing accounts receivables. That means no more worrying about chasing members to collect payments. You can also set direct payments up for one-time or recurring use to with modern payment solutions, such as the direct debit payment solutions offered by IntegraPay.



One of the easiest ways to lose a sports club member is to not have options to automate subscription renewals. Without automated renewals, it’s easy to miss a payment. But when you automate billing and the renewal process, you can make keeping up with subscriptions simple for your members. It also helps to make sure your clients are paying you on time so you can avoid late payments. Moreover, when you leverage a recurring payment solution that is automated, you can make better forecasts for your cash flow.


Payment Flexibility for Customers

Today’s modern fitness club members require modern payment solutions that offer flexible payment options. People are increasingly using online banking and digital or cashless payments, so it’s important to offer flexible payment options that can accommodate your members’ needs. By offering your members flexible payment options, you can enhance the overall member experience. Also, consider using modern payment technologies that not only offer flexible payment options, but are PCI-compliant and integrate high levels of security in its protocol, such as the security and compliance practices integrated in IntegrayPay’s payment solutions.


Final Thoughts

It’s important to have a plan for selecting the business payment solutions that fit your business model. Think about what best fits your business, including offering flexible and secure payment options for your members and payment solutions that will help you save time, such as direct debit payment solutions and automated payments. When you implement these best practices, you can find a payment solution that will best accommodate your sports club business model.