If you’re looking to find the right customers, your email marketing campaigns must be targeted and specific. One way to improve your email marketing is to use customer payment data. Using payment data for email marketing ensures you’re reaching out to people who have already engaged with your company. Used correctly, this data will ensure your marketing materials are highly targeted and relevant to that persons’ interests. Here’s how you can use payment data properly to unlock the power of email marketing campaigns.


Uncover Growth Opportunities Using Reporting

To start, collect customer data when people make a digital payment. You want to gather both their personal contact information and information about their behavior. Then, analyze the data to uncover what growth opportunities you might be missing. Consider looking at when customers shop most and time your marketing emails accordingly. We also suggest assessing which of your previous emails led to customer purchases. By analyzing data, you can make an informed decision about how your email marketing campaigns can make the best impact.


Segment Customers Based on Business Insights From Analyzed Reports

Conduct an analysis of your customers, and segment your database. There are many ways you can to segment your database: by demographic, purchase type, location, and more. Figure out the most logical customer segments for your business, then send targeted emails to each segment as appropriate. People today want personalisation, and getting more specific with your email content will increase the chances they’ll make a purchase.


Build Strategies Around Insights and Execute

Once you’ve analysed customer data to understand their behavior, you need to get strategic. Break down each customer segment and set realistic goals. Who are these people, how often do they purchase? What do you hope to achieve from each campaign?  Once you’ve answered these questions, set some KPIs and start executing. At the end of the campaign, you’ll want to re-analyse data; see what worked; then tailor your efforts based on what you found for the next lot of email marketing campaigns.


Continue Creating Great Email Marketing Campaigns

At the end of the day, collecting a large amount of accurate information from your customers will pay off for you and them—since you can target qualified leads, and people will enjoy your email marketing campaigns in a way that makes sense to them, and with products and services they’re interested in.