Finding the right childcare can be a stressful event for many parents. Not only do parents have to find a childcare centre they can trust to provide proper care and education for their child but they must also find child care centres that provide ample security to keep their children safe. Moreover, parents often spend a considerable amount of their income on childcare services. In 2016, Australians committed 15.7 per cent of their income to child care alone, according to the latest Organisation for Economic Co-operation (OECD) report. Thus, it’s critical to understand what parents look for in a childcare centre to ensure your centre is providing what they need. Here are a few aspects to consider.


1. Affordability

Childcare over the years continue to rise. According to the latest ABS data, parents paid less than $100 per week for childcare in 2014, which is 2.5 times more than the highest expected childcare payments in 1993. Thus, affordability is a top priority for many parents who want to stay within their budget. One option businesses can consider to enhance affordability includes helping families subsidize their childcare costs.


2. Flexibility

Today, parents want convenience. That’s why parents consider and factor childcare centres that provide flexible or convenient payment options, such as recurring payments. With recurring payments, your customers don’t miss a payment for the childcare services they receive. Moreover, you can leverage the opportunity to structure competitive payment solutions for parents. You can take advantage of automated payment services provided by IntegraPay, to give parents flexible payment options. With the changes coming with the New Child Care Package with rebate calculation, the need for automated payments has never been greater.


3. A Strong Reputation

Unlike in the past, it’s a little bit easier for a parent to look up the reputation of childcare centres by looking at online reviews and even verify the quality of service using the Australian government’s MyChild online child care portal.  As a business owner, it’s important to establish trust with your patrons and to continuously monitor and manage facility safety measures and online reputation. Also, the last thing that you want is your child care educators chasing up and hassling parents for outstanding payments.


4. Diversity of Services

Childcare centres that offer diverse services have more opportunities to attract clients. You can provide diverse services to help differentiate your childcare center from competitors, including providing additional hours and foreign language education.


From affordability to flexibility, several factors impact parents’ decisions to choose one child care centre over another. It’s important to consider these factors and provide the services that parents need.