You expect prompt payment based on the terms of your agreement with a client, but that doesn’t always happen. When you see outstanding invoices building up, you can take action with these tips.


Write a Payment Request Letter or Email

The invoice may have gotten lost in your client’s inbox or it didn’t get forwarded to their accounting department. Give them a gentle reminder with a payment request letter.


Send an Overdue Invoice

Your client may deal with dozens or hundreds of invoices, so they may mix up your payment terms with another supplier. Let them know that it’s time to pay by sending an invoice marked as overdue.


Send a Statement of Accounts

A statement of accounts is a non-confrontational way to let a client know that they owe you money. It details all of the invoices and payments made on that account, as well as the outstanding balance.


Make the Dreaded Phone Call

Sometimes a call to your client is the only way to get things moving with payments. It’s easy to overlook an email, but getting on the phone makes it difficult for the client to miss the message.


Charge a Late Payment Fee on Your Invoices

If your client is consistently late with their payments, try adding a fee when they become overdue. The financial hit may be enough to speed up their payment process.


Cut Them Off

Don’t put yourself in a position where the client keeps getting work done without payment. Cut them off until they get caught back up.


Hire a Debt Collector

When it becomes obvious that your client is actively avoiding paying you, a debt collector can help you get paid.


Call in the Lawyers

Another remedy for a client acting in bad faith is to hire a lawyer. If they ignore the debt collector requests, then taking them to court may be necessary to collect on the invoice.


Use IntegraPay + Xero Direct Debit Payment Solution

Or you can avoid nearly all of the above and make it simple for your clients to pay you by using IntegraPay + Xero. They can pay right from the invoice, which adds a convenience factor that can decrease the possibility of a late payment. For recurring based payments you can get paid on the due date as the invoice due date triggers a payment against your customers saved payment detail. Chasing clients around so you can get paid is frustrating, make it easier on yourself and speak to one of our payment specialists today.