Switching payment processing providers sounds scary, right?  You’re probably worried about the security of your data, your customer’s data and how you can smoothly make the move to a new payment company without it negatively affecting your business, staff and customers.  There are some ways you can achieve a switch to a new payment company without it impacting you too much.


Step 1: You Own Your Data


If you’re currently with a payment services provider that tells you that you can’t switch your customer’s data to another provider, get seriously concerned.  You own your own data – these are your sales, your customers, your relationships and your information – so make it incredibly clear to the payment processor that you’re not engaging in a discussion about data portability.  IntegraPay is built on the foundation of trust and integrity, and we take our client’s data seriously.  We have no issue with our clients moving their customer data securely to another PCI Compliant payment services provider providing a few simple steps are followed to ensure encryption, security and protection for you and your customers.



Step 2: Talk Logistics


No doubt you’ve spoken with your new payment processor about their services, pricing and product offering; so in the sales conversation with them, ask what the logistics are for moving over to them from your existing payment processor.  At IntegraPay, our customer service team will assist with the transition, so you can relax and let us hand hold you through the process, or take care of the integration for you in some instances.  It’s all about making business payments simple.


Step 3: Training & Reporting


Your new payment services provider will provide you with training and reporting tools to help you prepare for the move and become familiar with the new dashboards, console management tools and payment processing engine.  You’ll want to be fully trained before you make the switch, so invest the time in training with customer care and use the manuals you’re provided to find your way around the payment processing backend.  You’ll be grateful you did before you lock and load!


Step 4: Lock & Load


If you’ve worked your way through the logistics, ensured you have access to all of your data and you have prepped your team for the move, it’s now time to make the switch.  For items like EDDRs and DDR forms which may require a change at your customer’s end, ensure you have the processes in place to make a change and answer any questions that may crop up.  Who is looking after the technical issues (hopefully there are none!)?  Who is the point person for any administration changes?


Step 5: Payment Processing Bliss


Relax and let the cash flow in!

Managing your incoming payments is important to building a well-managed cash-rich business.  While the systems and processes for building an effective payments infrastructure can be complex, as the business using the service, it should be painless and completely simple to use!  If you’re looking to make the switch, contact us at IntegraPay and discuss the options for switching to a richer service for your business payments needs.