The not-for-profit and charity sectors have undergone many changes in the past few years. Donors expect more transparent organizations so they know exactly where their dollars are going. Technology makes it possible to easily create public updates about your mission, and more payment options are available for savvy organizations. Here are a few tips with navigating change in the non-profit and charity industries.

Proving Value to the Donors

Donors have many worthy causes they can put their money towards. Whether they’re working with other not-for-profit organizations or they’re looking at peer-to-peer options, such as GoFundMe campaigns.

You need to show your valued donors exactly what you’re doing with their contributions. Write up blog posts with your quarterly and yearly plan to accomplish your mission. Produce videos that give a behind-the-scenes look at your activities and the goals you achieve. Keep an email and mailing list active so all of your donors and volunteers are in the loop.

Social media profiles are an excellent way to reach your current donor set with frequent updates, and you also have the opportunity to expand your reach. Share all of the marketing material you create; you may be surprised at how many people it attracts.

Adapting to Millennial Donors and Volunteers

This demographic is quickly becoming a large part of the donation base, as well as a long-term source of volunteers. Both of these groups want to feel like they’re part of something bigger and that they’re making a difference in the world. Focus on the results generated by your organization’s efforts to keep millennials engaged with your mission.

Expanding Donor Charity Payment Options

The competitive charity landscape also requires your organization to have convenient payment options. If you ask donors to provide cash at events or send in checks, the barriers to donation are too great. Direct debit payments, automated recurring payments and other card payment solutions make it much easier for interested parties to give you money.

Your non-profit organization faces many challenges navigating change in the coming years, from innovative technology to new ways to help your social causes. Make sure that you’re adapting to the environment to keep your donations coming in and your volunteers happy.