Running a business is no easy task. Between managing staff, sales, customer satisfaction, and everything in between, it can be hard to figure out where you’re going wrong. Here are some must watch TED Talks to help you keep productivity high.

‘How great leaders inspire action’ – Simon Sinek


“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”  There is a method for the way ‘great’ minds think. Marketing consultant Simon Sinek has coded and tapped that formula, which he believes was the reason for the success of The Wright Brothers, Apple, and Martin Luther King in their ventures. He also demonstrates the thinking patterns which can lead to companies failing, such as Tivo. Sinek will teach you how to inspire those around you, and make them WANT to work for you. He shows the power of belief, and the way consumers can think when investing in products.

‘Build a tower, build a team’ –Tom Wujec


In this TED Talk, Tom Wujec displays how groups of people interact differently. He also shows the thinking patterns that result in a higher productivity. This TED Talk highlights the importance of teamwork, and how teams need different types of people to fill different roles. Wujec also shows the surprising effect incentives can have on people. Understanding these lessons will help business owners to better manage their staff, and create a stronger and happier working environment.

‘The single biggest reason why startups succeed’ – Bill Gross


As the founder of IdeaLab – a startup studio that has launched hundreds of businesses – Bill Gross knows a thing or two about getting an idea off the ground. In this TED Talk, he details the 5 most important elements to the success of a new business, and then ranks them based on data. His findings may surprise you (they certainly surprised him.) This TED Talk is crucial viewing for any new business owner, and will teach you how to better prioritise resources, and understand consumer behaviour.

‘5 Ways to listen better’ – Julian Treasure


Sound expert Julian Treasure proves the importance of good listening, and the dangers created when we go without it. In an increasingly noisy world, this TED Talk will help you to fine-tune your listening. Communication involves both sending and receiving information. These lessons will assist you in achieving better relationships with your staff, customers, clients and partners. As Treasure puts it, “Listening is our access to understanding.”

‘Secrets of success in 8 words, 3 minutes’ – Richard St. John

In this quick-fire TED Talk, analyst Richard St. John breaks down the keys to success based on over 500 interviews with successful people at TED conventions, including Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, and Goldie Hawn. St. John swiftly breaks down the 8 reasons for success that have worked for some of the world’s most notable achievers. Understanding these 8 words will help you to realise your goals as a business owner.