IntegraPay, known within the payment processing industry for its technological capabilities and responsiveness to client needs, partners with businesses to facilitate seamless payment solutions, helping clients to achieve simple sign-up and payment processing.


IntegraPay’s custom built platform, which can be fully white-labelled, enables partners, such as Direct Debi, to help their customers get paid on-time, every time.


By developing a customised payment platform, IntegraPay has enabled Direct Debi to operate as a standalone payment provider. Via an online, fully compliant, management system, IntegraPay has supported Direct Debi in offering customers an easy to use, optimised web portal for processing payments. Focused on small business, and in particular supporting women in business, ease of use was paramount for Direct Debi.


Widely recognised by clients as highly customisable, nimble and agile, IntegraPay’s solutions can be quickly deployed, whilst minimising the requirement for upfront investment in financial and technical resources. Operating as a ‘payment switch’, these solutions facilitate all aspects of recurring and online eCommerce payments, for domestic and global processing.


With its proven track record of achieving complex client integrations, IntegraPay has the key gateway partnerships and necessary banking sponsorships in place, across multiple countries, to provide a global solution. IntegraPay’s integration capabilities are especially valuable for internationally based vendors and gateways wanting to offer an Australia / NZ payment solution.


Chris Urry, CEO of IntegraPay, stated that research demonstrates a need for simplified payment solutions. “Our approach always starts with asking questions about how to do things simpler and more efficiently. With every business opportunity, we think critically about how to solve the issues at hand”.


“We focus on the business benefit. Reducing the time spent collecting their money enables businesses to focus on what is truly important – growing their business.”