Frequently Asked Questions:

IntegraPay is changing to Payrix Australia.

Find out more about the rebrand and how it impacts you with our handy guide below.

When is the rebrand happening?

The rebrand will occur on the 28 September this year, although you may notice some changes coming into place before the rebrand, such as changes to your view in Console.

Check out “What is the new Payrix Portal?” for more information on our product. 

Please note

We are also making changes to our Direct Debit Username, which will occur on the 22nd October.

Go to “What are the Direct Debit changes?” and “What is my obligations in relation to the Direct Debit changes?” for more information. 

What is changing?

Our new identity puts us in a better position to support your business. Whilst our name, branding and website will change, our service, pricing, and local team will stay the same.

Rest assured we will are still the same payments partner you know and trust. However, now we can offer you more choice, more flexibility, and other great benefits that come with having the backing of a global brand.

If you have built a software integration this will continue to work, and no development is required at your end. You will see the IntegraPay name replaced with Payrix as well as colour, font and logo changes. But the underlying tech remains the same.

What are the changes to Direct Debit?

As part of the changeover, our Direct Debit username will change from IntegraPay to Payrix Australia on the 22nd of October, 2021.

Our User ID (382220) is not changing, so there will be no interruptions to service. However, this does mean that you are required to notify your customers of the change and use a new Direct Debit Request form moving forward.

You must provide your customers a minimum of 30 days notice of this change, prior to the first debit being taken by Payrix Australia Pty Limited, otherwise you may not be able to defend any claims that could be raised by your customers in the future.

You will also receive a new Direct Debit Request form, available to you via electronic link or paper form (if requested).

Go to What are my obligations? for more information.

When will the Direct Debit changes occur?

Our Direct Debit Username will change on the 22nd October 2021.

You are required to provide your customers 30 days notice prior to the first debit occurring after the changeover to prevent claims or chargebacks from being made against your account.

You will also need to use a new Direct Debit form from the 22nd October onwards.

Please refer to “What are my obligations?” for more information.

Will there be any interruptions to service?

Although some of our business details are changing, such as our business name and Direct Debit Username, there will be no interruptions to service for our Australian and New Zealand clients. 

If you are operating in the United States, there may be some upcoming changes with the bank we use to process your payments. if this is the case, we will provide you with ample time to prepare, and will do our best to ensure there is no interruptions to service. 

What are my obligations with the Direct Debit changes?

If you are utilising our Direct Debit services, you will need to notify your paying customers that a change is occurring to our Direct Debit Username.

You must notify your customers by 21st September of this change, to allow for 30 days notice before the first debit occurs under our new name, Payrix Australia.

A notification can be an SMS, email, printed notice, or another form of communication that can be recorded and shown as evidence if requested. This will help defend you against any potential chargebacks or claims made against your business.

Please find a template below for you to use to either email, SMS or printout and display in any common area of your business where your customers can be informed of the change. As a reminder, we recommend you keep evidence that this has occurred to support the defence of any potential claims or chargebacks.

Dear [payer],

Please be advised that our payment processor Integrapay Pty Ltd (ABN: 63 135 196 397) has re branded to a new business entity Payrix Australia Pty Ltd . Their Direct Debit User ID will remain 382220. Payrix Australia Pty Ltd  will be processing payments on behalf of [your company name] from 22nd October 2021. There will be no changes to your membership or debit schedule.

Payrix Australia Pty LTD  is an authorised Direct Debit processor, with an Australian Financial License (AFSL no. 418105). All payment data is encrypted, stored and processed within a highly secure network. Its entire process is certified at the highest level of compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).  

Yours sincerely

[Your Name]

You must send this notification to all paying customers by 21st September or you may be liable for claims made after the changeover date (22nd October).

You also will need a new eDDR or DDR form (if you are still using a paper form) to use after the 22nd October. Go to “Where can I get a new eDDR or DDR?” for more information.

Where can I request a new Direct Debit Request (eDDR or DDR) form?

If you use our Direct Debit services, you will need a new eDDR (electronic Direct Debit Request) form for all new customers signing up for Direct Debit after the 22nd of October. 

Please note, your current IntegraPay form will no longer be usable for signing up new Direct Debit customers after this date. 

Electronic form:

If you are using an electronic form (eDDR), and you haven’t built it yourself, you don’t need to change anything. We will automatically update the page on the 22nd October and provide you with a new link to use.

Custom electronic form/embedded form:

If you have built your own eDDR form, or have iFramed our one into your own site and made changes, you will need to update the page yourself. Contact our Support Team to talk through these changes. 

Paper form:

If you are still using a printable Direct Debit Request form, you will need to request a new electronic form from us before the 22nd October. You can do this by contacting our Support Team on 1300 592 283, or emailing [email protected] If you are located in New Zealand, United States, or elsewhere, go to our Contact page for your relevant support centre details. 


I'm based in NZ, do I need to notify my clients about the Direct Debit changes?

If you are located in New Zealand, you will not need to notify your paying customers about the change in our Direct Debit Username. According to NZ compliance legislation, you are not required to advise your customers of changes to Username only, as the User ID will stay the same. 

There will be no interruption to direct Debit processing for any of our regions, including New Zealand. 

My company is in the US, can I still process my payments through you?

Yes. Although our business name is changing to Payrix Australia, we are still operating in all of the same regions we were before. This means that our US customers can rest assured that we can still look after your payment processing and you will still be able to speak to our great service and support contacts.

What do I do with old documents or forms that have IntegraPay branding on them?

If you have documents or application forms that you use currently, and that have IntegraPay branding on them, you will need to request a new document from us with our updated business name and branding.

You will need to destroy your documents that have IntegraPay on them as soon as you receive your replacement. 

We are doing our best to get updated documentation out to all of our partners and customers before the changeover occurs on the 28th September, however if you find that you still have not received a particular document or form, please let us know by contacting our support team.

Where can I find the new logo?

Our new logo will be provided to our customers in a “Brand Kit”, which will be sent out prior to our rebrand going live on 28 September. If you have not received one by then, you can request a brand kit by contacting us via email at [email protected] 

What is the new Payrix Portal?

Our Payrix Integrated Portal is just a fresh new name and look for our IntegraPay Console. The features, integrations, and layout of our portal will all still be the same. 

Please note if you are receiving automated emails from Console, you will need to add to your address book, so your daily reports and settlements don’t end up in your spam folder. 

Go to “How to keep receiving my daily settlement and transaction reports” for more info.

If you are using payment software through your software provider’s site, you will not notice any material changes to your view. You may, however, see our new “Powered by Payrix” logo occasionally in your emails. 

Can I still access the Payments Console after the changeover?

Our IntegraPay console will be moving to a new address, however you can still access it from the old URL for a while. 

You will still be able to use your existing username and password to access the Payrix Portal. 

How do I keep receiving my settlement and transaction reports via email?

To ensure you can keep receiving your automated transaction and settlement reports via email, you will need to add [email protected] and [email protected] to your email address book.

If you are not receiving your emails after the 28th September, check your spam folder. If you are still not receiving them, you may need to contact Support to check or update your email preferences.

Got more questions, or just need help with something? 

Reach out to our friendly Support team today.