Customer loyalty plays a crucial role when it comes to running a successful childcare centre. Follow these three tips to increase your customer loyalty. You’ll find that they make your job easier so you can focus on what you really love – taking care of children.

Manage Your Reputation to Avoid Bad Publicity

Few things are more important in the childcare industry than managing your reputation. Just one bad review from a parent can change the way other clients perceive your level of care.

Some relatively simple ways to manage your reputation and thus avoid bad publicity include:

  • Training your staff members so they can do their jobs well.
  • Maintaining a clean, healthy environment for the children under your care.
  • Addressing parent concerns as quickly as possible.
  • Admitting to mistakes and actively preventing them from happening again.
When parents feel comfortable with your childcare centre, they’ll be more likely to continue using your services and then recommend you to their friends.


Make Payment Processes as Easy as Possible

Parents spend a lot of time finding childcare centres they can trust. After all that work, they don’t want to spend more time on tasks such as writing monthly cheques.

You can make your payment process as easy as possible by letting clients sign up for recurring payments. With recurring payments, parents don’t have to worry about whether they’ve paid you.

Recurring payments also make it easier for you to focus on building relationships with parents. It’s much easier to get to know someone when you’re not asking them to pay bills every month.

Maintain Clear Communication Channels

Making yourself available for parents and potential client meetings will help you address any issues that affect your business. Some ways to keep your communication channels open include:

  • Talking to parents when they drop off and pick up their children.
  • Creating social media accounts that will help parents contact you.
  • Scheduling regular meetings with parents and their children.
  • Holding office hours so parents can drop by to talk.

If you hear anything negative from parents, assure them you’ll look into the issue and address it as soon as you can. Clear communication must lead to action before it’s worth much to your clients.

It’s not a secret that childcare costs families a lot of money. By increasing your customer loyalty, you can please parents who trust you with their children and dollars. You will also help create a solid foundation that lets your childcare centre thrive.