There’s no doubt that Facebook is the ideal advertising platform to use in order to generate demand. Facebook still outnumbers the majority of social media platforms. The social media giant in terms of active users, is more than 1.87 billion as of 2017. However, if you don’t know how to target the right audience, your advertising strategies can fall flat. Here’s how to keep that from happening by using audience types to enhance your Facebook advertising strategies.


1. Build Loyal Communities With Custom Audiences


Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature allows you to use contacts you already have, such as contacts from customer files or email lists that you can upload. This can help you to build loyalty and cultivate leads. You can use this advance feature to hone in on a niche audience within your existing contacts.  This is done by basing your targeting on specific demographics, such as annual income or where your audience lives. You can also use Custom Audience types to focus on users who visit your app or website but don’t convert into paying customers.


2. Reach More Facebook Users With Lookalike Audiences


When you’re ready to expand your business and garner additional targeted audiences, take advantage of Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences. This tool finds individuals on Facebook who match your audiences by either evaluating your conversion tracking pixel, your business Facebook Page or your Custom Audiences. By using this advanced feature, you can expand your reach and even point them to your website so they can sign up for your e-newsletters and convert into paid customers.


3. Target Audiences Using Connections


You can also target audiences that are either already connected to you on Facebook or audiences that aren’t. Using connected audiences are ideal for direct sales since trust is usually established by people who like your brand page. For instance, you can create display ads that offer discounts for a product or service you are offering exclusively on Facebook in order to improve sales conversion rates.


Final Thoughts


Finding the right audience is key to advertising on Facebook. By focusing on your target audiences with Facebook’s Audience Types features, you can enhance the advertising strategies that you already use on its platform and start growing your business.