You may think that you have the Internet “thing” covered by selling online. But the hard truth is that if you’re not using social media, you are simply missing out. The world of eCommerce is driven by website traffic, and social media often is a pillar of the process. Below are some ways you can use social media to help boost eCommerce revenue this financial year.


Provide Special Offers


An easy way to boost eCommerce revenue is to provide customers with a special offer that they can’t get anywhere else. These offers work best if the customer feels compelled to take action quickly.  This could be due to the offer is only available for a limited amount of time. Or because they can only receive the offer if they follow you on social media. As an example, you could provide coupon codes for a discount that is available just for the weekend and only available on your Instagram account.


Create a Sense of Urgency


A lot of companies both big and small view social media as an entity all its own. But the reality is that the basic fundamentals of selling apply to social media as well. By stating that only a certain number of customers can get an offer, such as a “free month of service” when they sign up. You can creatively create a feeling or sense of urgency for the customer that they need to act now. If you wish to continue the campaign, you can easily repeat the offer on an ongoing basis.


Use Retargeted


If you have ever looked at an item for sale on a website, then noticed the item “following” you around from page to page on the Internet, you have experienced retargeted advertising. According to Business Insider, this advertising method enables social commerce to “connect the sales funnel from end-to-end”. These ad’s remind the customer that they have viewed an item, but not yet made a purchase.

Although you do not directly use this form of advertising on your own social media account, Facebook allows you to run re-targeting ad campaigns on its platform across multiple devices. This form of advertising is one of the few ways that you can encourage someone to go ahead and make a purchase.


Interact with Your Social Media Followers


Up until social media, one of the biggest advantages brick & mortar stores had over online stores is that customers get to put a “face” (even if it is just an employee) with the company brand. Social media levels the playing field by providing a more personalized experience for your customers.

Engage with customers by asking questions and make sure to answer promptly when a question is asked of you. For example, if a customer asks a question about buying something and making payments, you could explain the different payment solutions you have or that you accept credit cards online.


Build Your Brand, Boost Your Revenue


The above ideas can easily help boost eCommerce revenue for you in the short term. It is actually more beneficial to think of your use of social media as a way to build brand awareness. In the long term you can learn more about your customers wants and needs. Over time, your sales will increase naturally as a result of the marketing and time you put into social media.