Being a personal trainer is a passion. Whatever your niche, you have identified a way that you can help people to achieve their fitness goals. The market is certainly there. Health-related issues like obesity and diabetes have risen to such levels that having a personal trainer is no longer a luxury – it is practically a necessity. As a result, the number of personal trainers graduating each year is outpacing the number of people who need their services. Despite this, the average career span of a personal trainer is less than one year. The most commonly cited reason? Retention. Don’t let the same thing happen to you. Here are some things you can do to retain clients for your personal training business.

Stay Knowledgeable

While continuing your professional education is a requirement for many certifications, it is only a small piece of the puzzle. Reading professional journals is important, but it’s not enough. You also need to be reading popular publications both online and offline. This includes even the ones with questionable credibility. Always remember that your clients are being exposed to these things all the time. They are going to look to you to confirm or deny the things they are reading. By being able to answer your clients questions you can help to establish trust and  help foster the relationships to retain clients as ongoing customers.

Retain Clients With Easy Fitness Payments

You should also offer a way for your clients to automate their payments. Offering direct debit payments or regular membership payments can make the process of paying for your services infinitely easier for your clients – but convenience is only part of it. Under certain circumstances, your clients may be able to deduct their personal training expenses, as long as they have a paper trail. Also, when you introduce automatic fitness payments, you make can make it easier for people to afford your services. For instance, you can let someone pay your fees by weekly debits instead of one large sum once a month.

Go Above and Beyond

Finally, set yourself apart from the competition by doing more. It could be as simple as a thank you note to a new client or a reward like one week of free training with you. Alternatively, you could go above and beyond your rival trainers by remembering names and engaging in small talk before or after sessions. You can also make an impression on your clients by publishing a blog, participating in social media or sending out a weekly email. Whatever you choose, remember that even minimal effort in this regard can really pay off.