Video marketing is hands down the the best way to engage customers and build your brand. If you’re not onboard with video yet, you’re already behind.

But video costs money, doesn’t it? Especially for a smaller business with not much to spare in the budget. However, you don’t need to hire an expensive marketing company to make effective video. Nor do you need to fill your website with costly animated cartoons. Just look at TED talks: one person giving a presentation, yet they’re some of the most watched videos online.

So, how to create great video content? Instead, if you’ve got a CEO who built your business from scratch, or even a few charismatic managers or salespeople, you have the material needed to launch an effective video campaign without breaking the budget. Here’s how to turn your existing assets into video-powered sales.


Get these three basics right


First, you don’t need a $10,000 movie camera to make a great online video, but at least don’t take it on your phone. A middle of the range “prosumer” camera can do the job fine — around $500.

Mount the camera on a tripod to keep the shot steady, and light the set so no shadows are cast on the presenters’ faces. Film against a simple, non-white background to avoid both clutter and reflections from ruining the video. If in doubt, googling how to light a video set will put you on track.

Once you have a good picture, get the sound right. If a video sounds great, its production values shoot way up. Most high-end shoots use a combo of a shotgun and lavalier mic, then mix the two in post-production. However, if you’re on a budget, the lavelier mic — the type used by most professional YouTubers and speakers, will do the job. A mic like the Sennheiser ME2 strikes a good balance between cost and quality.

All this will run you up around $1,000, but you’ll have high enough production values to make sales without hurting your brand.





Interview your CEO


Once you’re all set up, it’s time to make videos and get sales. It’s no secret that people buy from those they like and trust. Without trust, you won’t make sales. The starting objective of your first videos then, should be to build trust.

One effective way to build this trust is to let your customers see your CEO or founder — who they are, how they carry themselves, and how passionate they are about the business. The personification of your mission.

It’s important to not make your video come off as a scripted presentation, though. Instead, conducting an interview between your CEO and another member of your company can make the video look much more natural. Best of all, once you’ve got the equipment set up, creating this video is completely free apart from the time investment, and can be a huge boost to sales.


Management introductions


After your CEO, build on the trust with a series of videos introducing senior management. Have each explain what they do, and the value they add to the customer’s experience. These videos can then be placed strategically around your website and shown on social media as an ongoing series.

For example, your marketing manager can explain how she considers customer feedback and how that helps the company make better products. Your product development manager can outline how they improve your products to better meet customer needs. Your sales managers can demonstrate how they assist customers with questions and help them make the right buying decisions. All this shows that you run a company worth doing business with.