Farmers do what works. More innovative than ever, farmers are now selling a wide range of products direct-to-public, to distributors, in co-ops, or online. These diverse sales channels provide farms with the capacity to survive the ups and downs of today’s agricultural industry.

Having the right payments processing solution is important to make this business model work. Each sales channel builds your cash flow, and your payments processor must help you maximise profits from each one. Specifically, when choosing a payments solution, you’re looking at five features:


  1. Diverse payment options
  2. 24/7 access to payments
  3. Easy integration with your existing processes
  4. Complete automation
  5. Watertight security


Here’s why each helps make your farm profitable, and how IntegraPay ticks all five.


Diverse payment options


Diverse farm payment options let you fully participate in each potential market. Selling to the public requires credit card and merchant facilities. Wholesalers must be invoiced. Recurring distribution contracts benefit from direct debit arrangements. As a payments processing solution, IntegraPay gives you all the options you need, including:


  • Visa, Mastercard and American Express, with full merchant facilities to take credit card payments over the phone, repeating, attached to invoices or online
  • BPay attached to your accounting system (Xero)
  • Bank deposit repeating or one off
  • Repeating direct debit options


By using IntegraPay to process your payments, you can participate in any market, big or small.



24/7 access to payments on any device


Farms are never centralised operations. You’re working everywhere — maintaining the farm, driving to markets, and selling produce. So it’s critical to have access to your payments anywhere, from any device, at any time.   The IntegraPay software meets this need by working on any device, whether a phone, laptop or computer. Our dashboard also provides real-time updates on your payments and any outstanding accounts, so you check your farm’s cash flow at a glance. This makes staying on top of operations easy.


Integration with existing software


You run your farm with a suite of existing business, accounting and specialist agricultural software. An ideal payments solution should work with them all. With years of experience serving many agricultural clients, we’ve built IntegraPay to work with a huge array of industry software, accounting packages and stand alone if needed. On the off chance that it needs some adjustment — for example, if you have a custom payment setup, our team will work with you to find the very best solution to match. We’re insistent that each IntegraPay customer has a payments solution that works seamlessly for their business.


Complete payment automation


You’re on the go from dawn to dusk, and this, coupled with having so many sales channels, means you can’t be monitoring them all the time. You need confidence that recurring clients will continue to be billed, and that online produce sales will proceed at any time of day.  IntegraPay allows for complete automation. For example, if you have a contract to supply a distributor with a certain volume of produce each month, IntegraPay lets you set up a recurring direct debit payment that puts the money in your bank account on time. You can then focus on the real business of running your farm, not the expensive task of following up customers.


Watertight payment security


Naturally, payments must be secure. Both you and your customers must have confidence that their credit data will be private. However, you don’t need to go through a bank to get the same level of security.  IntegraPay’s data security is PCI DSS compliant. This is the same standard used by major banks, and ensures that your customers’ credit and bank details are never seen by anyone other than the intended recipient. Every payment is processed over a bank-grade secure network, with details encrypted and stored in our proprietary ‘Card Vault’.


IntegraPay is free to try with no set up costs


To run a profitable farm business, you need a payments solution that maximises cash flow from diverse income streams, while freeing your time to do the real work of running your farm. IntegraPay ticks all the boxes by giving you:


  • A wide range of diverse payment options, including all major credit cards, BPay and direct debit facilities
  • 24/7 access to your payments, so you can run your farm on the go
  • Integration with your existing software, providing greater control over how you process payments
  • 100% automation, so you don’t waste time on administrative tasks
  • Watertight security, so you don’t worry over critical tasks dropping the ball


Best of all, IntegraPay is free to try with no set up costs. It’s easy to see for yourself whether IntegraPay is the right payments partner for your agricultural business. Talk with our payment solutions experts to get started.