It’s not surprising that the subscription economy is growing nine times faster than the rate of companies that sell products. After all, these companies help save time and money for both customers and businesses by combining transparent pricing with automated services. However, creating and launching a membership-based website is not an easy task – but it doesn’t have to be complicated, either. Discover how to get started launching your membership-based website with these few tips:


1. Establish Authority and Trust Before You Launch


The traditional business approach is quickly becoming outdated. You can no longer build the “it” product and expect audiences to flock to your business. With so much noise online, today’s audiences need a more solid reason to be directed to your site and become a member. That’s why establishing your authority before you launch your membership site is key to a successful launch. You can do this by maintaining a blog. Do guest blogging on industry-specific sites or draw a following through frequent postings via social media accounts. The idea is to provide reliable information your communities of brand followers can use. By building up your authority, you can establish trust and drive your audience to want to see more. You can then convert your readers to members when you launch your membership site.


2. Differentiate Your Service from the Competition


With more than $420 billion spent on subscription services in 2015, there’s bound to be competition that’s chasing after those dollars. That’s why it’s vital to differentiate your brand against competing products or services on the market. You can accomplish this in a variety of ways. You can include offering value with curated collections of content or products from exclusive contacts, experts or even celebrities. By offering premium content, such as an e-course that offers exclusive benefits for members, such as a discounted rate or access to additional content. You can use services that have options to customize pages to offer personalized content for your members as well. This demonstrates your brand’s uniqueness and helps set you apart from the competition.


3. Enlist the Right Payment Technology


To get your membership-based website working correctly, you need to make sure you have payment technology that supports subscription payments. This can include card payment solutions that accept credit cards online or direct debit payments. You also want to make sure that the payment solutions you choose support automation with recurring payments or automated payments. At IntegraPay, our payment technology helps simplify getting paid and demonstrate convenience for your members. This will also help ensure that you get paid on time and your members get to experience the service or product you provide on schedule.


4. Invest in Robust Digital Security


Even if you have a stellar website with creative and captivating content to support the premium for your membership, your efforts can go to waste if you lack the right security to safeguard your business and your members’ private information. With data breaches expected to increase and even target international data, it’s important to invest in a strong digital infrastructure to support your membership website. This includes using payment technology that is secure, pci compliantinvesting in website security tools, using SSL encryption, and even installing a cloud-based web application firewall or WAF for your websites server.


Final Thoughts


Whether you want to complement your eCommerce endeavors with a subscription service. Or you want to create a mastermind group with content exclusive to members, it’s vital to have the right tools to facilitate your membership-based website. These tools include having a payment solution that support recurring payments so that services can be rendered on time and payments aren’t delayed. By taking the right steps, you can launch your membership-based website in no time. To find out more on how IntegraPay can help with your membership website, contact us today.