When you’re running an online business, you need to figure out how to take payment from your customers. This payment system needs to be simple (both for you to set up, and for the customer to use) and secure (so there’s no danger of hacking or scamming, and so that the customer trusts the payment method enough to use it). The two main integrated payment options most businesses use are a hosted payment page and transparent redirected payment APIs. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks. Read on to learn which option might suit your business best.


Hosted Payment Page


A hosted payment page passes information from your website to a payment page hosted elsewhere. This third party page handles the transaction. It’s very simple for you to use a hosted payment page. At IntegraPay, we handle all the security for the transactions, freeing you of this responsibility and making the customer feel safer. You may also be bound by the look and feel of the hosted payment page, though many providers give you some customization options such as changing the company logo. This solution requires a small level of integration between your website and the hosted payment page.


Transparent Redirection


A transparent redirect is a payment option that’s redirected by your server from a web form. The payment provider (such as IntegraPay) processes the transactions, then notifies your server. The user never leaves your webpage while the transaction is being processed “transparently” behind the scenes. Payment APIs allow you to completely control the user experience from start to finish, including payment options plus the overall look and feel. For this reason alone, many companies find them more attractive, especially if they have a web developer on staff who’s ready and capable to take on the project.


So Which One Do I Use?


It all comes down to your website platform, your ideal user experience, your development costs and the level of integration. All solutions require some level of configuration. If you’re using a popular eCommerce platform such as Magento, WooCommerce or Shopify you can integrate with IntegraPay via NMI. NMI is an off the shelf extension that can connect with multiple payment platforms. Contact us at IntegraPay to find out more about shopping cart integration via NMI.

For security and ease of use, many SMEs prefer to use a hosted payment option. Some businesses choose to hire a developer to build a new integrated checkout solution (or integrate a preexisting one) later on, but for most a hosted payment option is sufficient. To find out more information on our flexible payment solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.