With the holidays approaching, companies should be gearing up for a boost in business. After all, the holiday season is when consumers spend more than $11 billion. However, while holiday season can be exciting for a business that wants to bring in more revenue and grow, it can also be a challenge. Preparing to experience an uptick in business can prove difficult for any organization. Especially if they don’t put in the work to prepare.

If you want to ensure your business is ready for the rapidly approaching holiday season, keep the following preparation tips in mind.


Determine where to focus your efforts and time

When it comes time to prep for the holidays, you need to think about who to focus on, and who requires less work. After all, loyal, long-time customers may be sure-things when it comes to making a purchase, but a new customer may need wooing away from a competitor. Do some work to determine how you can appeal to each group and in whom you should invest the most time and money. Here are some groups to consider.


  • New Customers: New customers can be reached via marketing and advertising efforts. Invest money in marketing on social media and placing traditional digital ads. You can also focus on proven marketing tactics like email newsletters, which increase in effectiveness during the holidays.
  • Existing Customers: Existing customers need attention during the holidays, just not as much. That’s because your business is already at the top of your mind when they think about purchasing gifts. Offer them incentives to come into your store and buy, like discounts or deals.
  • Your Community: The community you work, live, or spend time in is a place to focus when it comes to bringing in holiday business. Network with people who know what you offer and might be interested in connecting.


Streamline and review your operations

During holiday time, you can’t stumble or be clunky. You have to have your operations down pat. Before the holidays arrive, get your operations in order and repair and improve any processes that aren’t working. Then, teach them to staff members and employees so they’re aware of your operating plans. By the time the holidays arrive, you’ll have a solid plan for working that will allow you to focus on customers and selling. Not the way the nuts and bolts of your business operate.


Go in with a flexible holiday season plan

Plans are good—but so is flexibility. Go in with your plan, but make sure you’re ready to bend it. You can never predict the future, so keep an open mind about having to make changes as needed.