Manual payment collection. If you run a child care operation and you’re collecting payment manually, you’re missing a major piece of the puzzle. Not only is this wasting your organization’s time, but it’s also not the most accurate way to collect payment for your services. Here’s what you need to know.


Manual Payment Collection Costs You Money


Today, parents are busier than they’ve ever been before. More likely than not, your clients don’t have negative intentions; they just forget to settle their bills or are distracted by other things. While this may not have a significant impact on their lives, it can have some massive consequences for yours. Even when the money doesn’t come in on time, you still have bills to pay and staff to compensate, and you can’t afford to waste time trying to collect payment from all your families manually.


Talk to your center managers


Reducing the time frame of collecting payments is essential, but have you worked out the cost and time of your staff chasing these outstanding payments? The financial operations of child care businesses usually sit with higher paid senior staff such as center directors. If you can work out the amount of time this takes daily, you’ll begin to uncover these hidden operational costs. The best way to find out this information is to simply ask your staff. Schedule appointments with your staff and have an open friendly discussion on payment administration. When your staff realize that you are trying to lighten the manual payment collection workload as a business, they will give you all the information that you need to move forward.



Digital Payment Solutions Can Help


While it’s true people are busier today than they’ve ever been before, we’re also a lot more connected then ever before. Today, virtually everyone has a credit or debit card and a smartphone on them at all times. This is great news for child care centers that start offering digital payment solutions. Designed to make paying and getting paid easier, digital payment solutions allow parents to submit payments and make recurring payments right from their phone, tablet or laptop computer. This makes it easier to pay their child care bills along with their other monthly expenses and settle their bills with you faster.

For you, digital payment solutions make business management easier.  Saving you the time, money and stress associated with trying to extract manual payment from your clients.


Smarter Payments, Made Simple


At IntegraPay, we believe that all businesses need to get paid and to get paid on time. Not all businesses have the resources to rely on spotty, infrequent and inefficient manual payment. Fortunately, digital payment solutions are prevalent today. It’s easy with IntegraPay as it works beautifully for your child care center and your families! With IntegraPay’s innovative direct debitcredit card, one-off and recurring payment technology we can help you get paid faster.