With businesses, on average, saving an estimated 20-25% when they digitise data, IntegraPay is well on the way to paying for itself.

Replacing labour intensive data-entry with a seamless form the customer fills out is a win-win for all involved!

Having your customer complete forms by hand, then translating handwriting, entering details manually into your payment system and storing the paperwork – all costs money.

IntegraPay estimates that entering a paper direct debit request into the system costs a business anything between $20-30 in admin time. This doesn’t take into account the security issue with storing credit card data.

If you accept regular payments, but dread the admin and piles of unfiled paperwork, you need electronic Direct Debit Request Form commonly known as an eDDR.

“Setting your customers up on Direct Debit ensures you get paid on time, every time.”

“With IntegraPay’s eDDRs, you can sign your customers up on the spot via a smart device. There’s no need to print paper copies.”

When you submit an eDDR, your customer’s details are automatically uploaded into the IntegraPay Online Payment Management Console. There’s no chance of miss-keying information, which can lead to failed payments.

Set and forget your customer’s payment schedule, without the hassle of manual data entry and filing paperwork.