An email mailing list is a key asset for any digital marketer. Whether you are trying to build a brand for your SME or you work in marketing at a large company, managing your mailing list should be a high priority. Here are three tips you can use to get more out of your email mailing list.


Segment Your Email Mailing List

Today’s consumer expects to be treated as an individual. Sending out information that isn’t relevant to certain subsections of your mailing list could lead to those people unsubscribing. Therefore, you may want to consider creating not one mailing list, but three or four. For example, you could send out different content to people who subscribe via a post on your blog compared to customers who have bought something from your online store. The more closely you can match the content you send out to the part of the sales funnel your audience is in, the greater your chance of persuading them to buy from you.


Get the Frequency Right

Working out how often you should contact your mailing list can be tricky. Daily emails will irritate some subscribers, but if you let too much time elapse between updates, you run the risk of subscribers forgetting who you are. Experiment with different mailing frequencies, watching your conversion and unsubscribe rates carefully to determine the effects of each option. If you can’t seem to find a frequency that works for everyone, try creating two mailing lists: one that goes out once a month and another that updates people more often. When people on the more frequent mailing list click unsubscribe, give them the option of switching to the less frequent list instead. That way, everyone can hear from you as often as they want to.


Clean Up Your List

If you have subscribers who have been on your list for years without ever opening an email, you should probably remove or archive them. Inactive subscribers can skew your mailing list metrics, making your brand look more popular than it actually is. If you’re using a mailing list management service that limits the number of subscribers you can have before you need to upgrade your service plan, inactive subscribers could even cost you money. By keeping your list clean and streamlined, you can focus your attention on talking to people who are interested in what you have to say.