1. Sales Funnel


Your sales funnel is the vehicle that will drive your prospective customers to the end goal of taking action. Either buying your product or subscribing or enlisting your services. However, you don’t want to oversell your product or service or you risk losing the opportunity to convert your prospects into customers. Try  to educate them about your product or service first, personalizing content via webinars and creating loyalty with exclusive offers or newsletters to help lead them to action.


2. Content Marketing


Content marketing offers several benefits, including influencing conversions, attracting new customers and building a reputation. Simply delivering relevant and valuable content, including videos and blog posts that your prospects need is key to driving them to action.


3. Mobile Marketing


With mobile being forecasted as accounting for 75 percent of online content consumption by the end of 2017, it’s vital to explore mobile marketing as a way to get more customers. You can try text messaging, mobile advertising, and even mobile apps within your existing marketing campaigns as a way to grab further customers.


4. Landing Page Optimization


To gain customers via your landing page, you have to implement strategies that encourage prospects to take action. You can achieve this by optimizing your landing page. You can optimize by creating effective headlines and setting up clear call-to-action’s. Narrowing the focus on few but valuable products or services. You could test the placement of a direct debit payments button, narrowing the fields of information you collect from prospects, and using headlines that effectively describe what your business does to provide clarity for prospective customers and move them down the sales funnel.


5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


The ever-evolving SEO world makes it challenging to rank high on Google and other search engines, especially when frequently overlooked factors, such as outdated duplicate listings of local search citations, can confuse prospects and lower your ranking. However, you can use local SEO listings to get more customers. Try running all your claimed and verified local listings through a data aggregator to catch duplicates so you can remove them. 




6. Digital Marketing


Digital marketing offers several opportunities to acquire more customers, and one notable way is via online reputation management. You can create word-of-mouth buzz with a hashtag or foster online communities to manage your reputation online and create the trust that attracts and converts prospects into customers.


7. Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing often just requires you to simply reach out. You can interview industry influencers or send free samples to emerging influencers to review your product or service to get started.


8. Marketing Automation


Thanks to marketing automation technology, you can use tools to acquire more customers, including real-time campaigns and mass personalization. You can send messages at the right time and dynamically customize content to attract prospects at scale.


9. Social Media Engagement


Social is on the rise, so it’s important to keep your audience interested through engagement. You can do this with giveaways, asking for opinions and frequently communicating with your audience across multiple relevant social platforms.


10. Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing gives you a chance to partner with a businesses or influencers as you pay them a referral commission that ultimately gives you access to their users. You can leverage affiliate marketing to gain new customers who discover or frequently read their blogs or reviews.


Final Thoughts


Getting more customers fast doesn’t require a full-fledge campaign that will take weeks to achieve. You can take action now, by testing payment solutions on landing pages and engaging followers on social media sites, to gain more customers now.