Businesses that work in the e-commerce industry have to keep up with the latest trends to stay ahead of their competitors. If you have a small e-commerce business, then you should consider adopting some of these three trends expected for 2017.

Website Personalisation

Today’s websites can access massive amounts of data about their users. Expect to see more companies use data to personalise each person’s visit. Major retailers already use this approach to boost their revenues. For instance, when you visit Kogan’s e-commerce site, you find product recommendations, discounts and other offers based on what the company knows about your viewing and purchasing history.

As data becomes easier to analyse, more SMEs will invest in similar technology so they can convince customers to buy more items.

More Payment Options

The more payment options you offer customers, the more likely they are to shop at your site. E-commerce business sites will take advantage of emerging payment options so they can appeal to more shoppers.

E-commerce sites will still accept payments from popular credit cards and online payment services, but they will also explore newer options like in-video payments. In-video payments make it possible for shoppers to purchase items while watching videos. For instance, if you post a video on Facebook that promotes one your company’s new products, consumers can pay you for it without navigating to your site. They get to do it securely from within the video, even when you publish it on social media platforms.



Interaction With Chat Bots

Some companies will keep encouraging their customers to install apps on personal devices. Last year, though, a lot of people preferred to use chat bots because they don’t want to install more apps on their smartphones. Apps, after all, can take up a lot of space. Chat bots offer similar experiences as apps, but they have fewer inconveniences.

Some of the most popular e-commerce chat bots from 2016 include chatShopper, H&M and RemitRadar. These and other bots will become more popular in 2017.

SMEs should embrace the rise of chat bots because the technology usually costs less than developing new apps. Chat bots can also lower the amount of money you spend paying customer service workers. By adding a chat bot to your e-commerce site, you will make the shopping experience easier while lowering your overhead and boosting revenue.

No matter what types of products and services you sell online, you have to keep up with emerging trends in 2017. After all, your competitors are going to use them. If you don’t adapt, you may lose your customers to the companies that do utilise the latest e-commerce solutions.