Entering into direct debit arrangements with a customer means taking responsibility for the trust relationship that exists. First, the customer trusts you with their payment account information, which you can safeguard by working with a quality payment solution provider (like us here at IntegraPay). Second, by agreeing to recurring payments or future payments, the customer trusts you to hold up your end of the agreement. Paying attention to those details and communicating with the consumer can help you avoid a sour relationship.


Don’t Withdraw Funds Without Proper Notice


Always notify customers about an upcoming debit to their account, even if it was agreed upon in the past. Automated email processes that integrate with payment solutions can ensure customers receive timely reminders of direct debit arrangements before their account is debited. This lets them proactively fund accounts if needed and avoid a declined transaction. This is good for your business, too, as it reduces accounting errors that can slow your payments.


Only Debit Accounts as Agreed Upon


Never direct debit accounts for more than agreed. Not only is it a breach of any contract you might have with the consumer, but it’s also a good way to ensure bad word-of-mouth about your brand. Work with payment card solution providers such as IntegraPay. Will ensure the accuracy of every debit via easy-to-use systems, up-to-date technology and well-run processes.


Follow Agreed-Upon Schedules Exactly


When dealing with recurring payments, follow the agreed-upon schedule for debiting customer accounts. Avoid vague agreements, such as “we’ll debit your account weekly” or “payment will be taken out once per month.” Instead, provide clients with specifics about future debits. Monthly debits might come out on the same day of each month and weekly debits might come out every Thursday. Processing payments outside of the schedule could cause a client’s account to be overdrawn.


Take Action on Consumer Requests Quickly


Finally, take immediate action when customers request that you change their direct debit arrangements. If a customer cancels service and isn’t held to payments by a contract, stop direct debiting prior to the next payment. Process requests to change payment accounts or other details in a timely manner too. Quick resolution of customer requests keeps those matters from becoming customer complaints. At IntegraPay, we can assist you with all of the above. Speak to us today to find out more about our direct debit solutions and recurring payment technology.