The direct selling industry is vibrant right now.  With brands growing globally, expanding their reach and home based businesses thriving under the direct sales model, it’s an exciting time to be part of this industry.

Brands you know and love in direct selling include Nutrimetics, Juice Plus, Herbalife and others that have captured a niche beautifully, like Jamberry Nails or Intimo Lingerie.  What makes direct selling such an interesting business model is that it has two customer bases – the franchise or business owners who create businesses selling the product and the end customers who purchase the product.  And, if those end customers love the product enough, there is a low barrier to entry opportunity for them to create their own business selling the product, creating what is known in the industry as a “down line.”

The vibrancy of the industry right now has been supported by the growth of home based businesses as so many people execute their entrepreneurial spirit, and the improvement of the industry’s reputation as governments tighten up requirements of businesses operating as direct sellers.  Long gone is the nasty air of pyramid schemes.

As an enabler of seamless payments for the direct selling industry, IntegraPay has gained extensive expertise in understanding the complexities of this business model, its innate risks, and the requirements to help a direct selling business flourish.

Speaking recently at an event, IntegraPay CEO Chris Urry, who has personally guided the implementation of payment solutions for many direct selling companies, said that the industry is ripe with opportunity to provide an elegant customer experience for both franchisees and end customers.

“IntegraPay’s real time and recurring payment solution coupled with its security and fraud tools is perfect for the direct selling industry,” Chris said.  “I’ve been involved in helping companies in this space analyse their payment data and create solutions that ultimately improve their bottom line through efficiency, best practice and customer experience that their growing customer base expects.”


IntegraPay continues to support the industry through its events, providing strategic advice and is also a proud supplier member of the Direct Selling Association of Australia, a representative organisation intended to provide education, advocacy, and oversight in the direct selling industry.

“We are thrilled to support the industry,” Chris said.  “Direct selling is an industry that IntegraPay has become very well known within, and we will continue to do everything we can to support the community as it grows and as the industry members continue to innovate.”

For more information about how IntegraPay supports the direct selling industry, please visit our direct selling payment solutions page.