Fitness businesses bring in a distinct range of gym personalities. Effectively handling each member demographic is an important part of growing your facility. Members in each category have different needs that are essential to their gym-going experience. When you have a diverse member mix, you avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket.


The Resolutionist


This group hits the gym hard right after New Year’s Eve, but you don’t see a lot of them after two weeks. Your primary challenge is converting this group into regular visitors. Look for ways to convey the value of your fitness center and flexible ways to fit it into their busy lives.


Workout Buddies


You’ll never see members in this category going to the gym by themselves. They combine their social time with their exercise time. Offer a membership tier that includes a companion membership or a set of guest passes. Look at your gym configuration and make sure they have places to sit together and chat after the workout.


Fitness Hobbyists


Some people enjoy working out as a type of hobby. They love seeing variety in equipment and new amenities that they can’t get elsewhere. Make sure to give them something new to experience, so you don’t lose their attention to a competitor.


Professional Athletes


Working out is part of their job description, and they’re willing to pay for everything it takes to stay on top of their game. If you want members in this category to start calling your fitness center their home, get a strong personal trainer team and the latest equipment on-site. Make connections with the amateur and professional sports teams in your area.


Lunch Breaker


The only time these business professionals have to work out is either during their lunch break or before they head to Happy Hour. They want to get in and out quickly, so make sure they have a limited wait at check-in and the information they need to go through an effective workout.

You don’t have to appeal to all the gym personalities to build a thriving member pipeline, but you do need to know what their motivations are. Use this list to segment your potential clients and create a sustainable growth plan for your fitness facility.