The typical e-commerce experience involves consumers going to a website, adding products to their cart and checking out. You often spend a lot of time looking through categories to figure out what works best for your needs. However, companies are now beginning to shake this process up with conversational commerce.


What Is Conversational Commerce


Conversational commerce combines artificial intelligence with business messaging channels. Without involving human staff, they use natural language processing to understand what people need when they get in touch with the organization. Facebook chatbots are a typical implementation of this approach, as it leverages a platform that customers are already using.

The following are a few reasons to get excited about this new development in AI.


Improving Customer Service


When customers get frustrated at you for not being available 24/7, they’re not thinking about how big your business is. They just know that they need help right then and there. Conversational commerce tools allow bots to be on call at all times. You free up your staff resources for things that require a hands-on approach. Routine inquiries get handled automatically.


Consumers Order the Way They Speak


Another part of conversational commerce is the natural language processing. Buyers don’t need to know specific terms or phrases to place an order. The AI bot translates it and puts together the order. In some cases, customers may not know that they’re even talking to a robot.


Integrated Payment Solutions


The online purchase can also take place entirely through the chat. Customers don’t need to go to a website or register to checkout. Everything is handled through a convenient platform, so there’s no friction in the process. If they have sales objections, they can get their questions answered in the same window that they place the order. The automated payments process streamlines this entire process.

Conversational commerce is a powerful tool for small businesses wanting a scalable and cutting-edge way to stand out. You offer a customer experience that feels natural, seamless and doesn’t require the person to learn how to get around a new website or navigate complicated multi-step checkout procedures. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.