Today’s professionals are busier than ever. Modern families are consistently searching for more convenient options that can help them simplify their lives. They need to manage a plethora of responsibilities, and solutions like grocery delivery to dog-walking services help them do it. That’s why making their child care payments easier could be a massive plus for your child care services business. Here are a few ways you can make child care payments easier for your customers.


Offer an Automated Payment Solution

The days of making payments by writing personal cheques are long gone. Today’s customers pay almost all their bills electronically, using either a debit card, credit card or bank transfer. In order to process these payments, businesses use a payment facilitator or gateway service like IntegraPay to collect and securely store the customer’s payment information before passing the funds on to the receiving business.


Make Child Care Payments Easier & Flexible

More than anything, customers want flexibility. People have a variety of ways that they want to make payments that work best for them. Some want to pay using their Visa debit card, where others may want to used their American Express credit card. IntegraPay makes it easy to pay by debit or credit card, with hosted payment pages and transparent redirects. Other customers want payments directly debited from their bank accounts, which we can also facilitate using our direct debit solutions. We even give you the option of embedding a “Pay Now” button on all Xero invoices.


Ensure Your Payment Solutions are Secure

Today’s customers are growing more and more dependent on electronic and automated forms of payment, which means they’re also extremely security conscious. You can give your customers the peace of mind they seek by partnering with a PCI DSS compliant payment provider like IntegraPay. They can set up and store your customer’s automated payment information securely, so they can be confident that their data is safe without you having to worry about additional compliance and operating costs.


Provide a Consistent Branding Experience

One of the biggest turn-offs during the payment process is being presented with a poorly branded landing page. As a professional business, you want to have consistent branding on all of your invoicing and payment processing statements. So, when choosing a payments provider, be sure to ask if they allow you to brand your payment pages. This ensures your customers receive a pleasant, seamless payment experience from start to finish.

If you want your child care business to succeed, you need to be able to receive payments from your customers. Simplify your payments process and make child care payments easier for your customers by setting up a reliable, secure payment gateway with help from IntegraPay today.