The Problem

US Sports Tickets is an online ticketing merchant which enables travelers to attend high demand sports events such as NBA and NFL. Customers go online, select the event they want to attend and pay. Tickets are made available prior to the event. The concept is as attractive to the genuine ticket buyers as it is to the fraudsters.

The Solution

Prior to implementation of IntegraPay’s Kount solution, the system had a number of issues which resulted in charge backs and disputes. Today each transaction is screened by IntegraPay’s Kount solution before event tickets are sent to the customer.

IntegraPay tailored several Kount rules to suit the US Sports Tickets business including a white list which auto-approves transactions if it meets set criteria.This enables travel agents to swiftly book tickets without the transactions flagging other Kount parameters.

Transaction that do not ‘flag’ automatically clear and settle, and can be released immediately. This solution enabled US Sports tickets to operate on a real-time basis whilst minimising the risk of fraud.

The action itself of screening the transaction before releasing the ticket acted as a deterrent and led to a significant reduction in fraud. Modifying the verification process allows Kount to return a response to ‘review’ the transaction as required.


Zac Lutton – IntegraPay Head of Risk and Fraud