The Problem

International fraudsters took a liking for Pullman Espresso Accessories which resulted in a high value chargeback.

The fraudsters purchased a large order and shipped the goods to a mailing centre in the United States. Pullman Espresso Accessories were then forced to reimburse the value of the chargeback suffered plus absorb the cost of international shipping.

Pullman Espresso Accessories decided to contact IntegraPay to assist.


The Solution

After an in-depth consultation and review of the fraud, IntegraPay’s Risk and Fraud experts developed a strategy for Pullman Espresso Accessories.

We provided a fraud detection system with real-time data analytics. This enables early identification of fraud patterns before product are sent to customers.

Shortly after implementation, the system identified and detected fraudulent activity from the customised rules created. We were able to inform the merchant quickly to ensure the products were sent and no funds lost.

We determined Kount would be the best solution for Pullman Espresso Accessories


Zac Lutton, IntegraPay Head of Risk and Fraud