Your business branding can contribute significantly to your bottom line. A strong brand allows you to get in front of customers, drive loyalty from your current customer base, convey your marketing messages and represent your company. Since good branding is a complex process involving many moving parts, you may run into a few major mistakes.


Branding Without Focusing on Experience

How much money do you invest in your branding compared to your customer experience investments? Your distinctive colors and logo might catch someone’s eye, but if the experience doesn’t deliver, then they’re going to do business elsewhere.


Not Hiring a Professional Designer

Template marketplaces are available for many of the content management systems on the market, but they don’t replace the need for a professional designer. You can run into many branding issues when you’re working with a premade template or an amateur designer. A professional designer knows how to convey your brand’s promise, message and values throughout your website.


Inconsistency Across Different Platforms

Are you using the same colors, fonts, slogans, logos and other branding elements on each marketing platform? While slight differences in these areas may not sound like a big deal, they make it difficult for potential customers to trust your brand. If the inconsistencies are drastic, people may wonder if they’re at the right place. You could lose out on a lot of revenue due to this situation.


Using Vague Copy to Describe Your Brand

Vague, generic copy is not going to hold anyone’s attention. You end up sounding like one of the thousands of businesses operating in the same market. Consumers can find a competitor with a few clicks these days, so you need to give them a reason to choose you over anyone else.
Your brand’s differentiators should come through in your copy. Focus on what you do best, how you solve problems for your audience and why they should buy your products.
When you keep these common branding mistakes in mind, you can avoid them entirely. You have plenty of other areas for trial and error in branding — you don’t need to repeat these.