For businesses of any scale the customer support experience is crucial, and traditional channels don’t always offer what you need. Use these communication channels to up your customer service game.


Fast Responses: Twitter

Tweets have a 280 character limit, which leads to a platform of quick communication. The short, concise messages work well for rapid responses. If someone needs time-sensitive assistance, or simply has a quick question, then Twitter is an excellent support channel for them.


Nurture Relationships: In-person Meetings

Nothing nurtures a customer relationship like face-to-face meetings. When you have the opportunity to connect with your buyers in this type of environment, you show them that you’re not a nameless, faceless business. You also have the advantage of showing body language along with what you’re saying.


Convenience: Live Chat

Nothing is more convenient for your buyers than being able to chat on the same page that they’re shopping from. Live chat gives them a way to quickly reach out to you if they run into problems during the shopping experience or if they have questions before their purchase.


Education: Slack

Need a way to have more in-depth conversations with your customers? The Slack chat platform gives you a feature-rich way to handle these discussions. You can give buyers the content they need to get the most out of their products and services, as well as bringing in subject matter experts on an as-needed basis. This chat application also works well for holding virtual workshops and classes, if you have the type of product that benefits from that learning format.


Scale Customer Support: Help Centers and Communities

The quality of your customer support makes a big difference in the overall experience. You probably won’t be able to hire on representatives in a way that keeps up with your growth rate, especially during unpredictable demand periods. Help centers give your customers a self-service customer support channel that empowers them to look up answers to their own questions.


You can weed out a lot of the basic support requests with this type of resource. Another useful tool is community-based help. You use forums and similar platforms to give customers a way to provide peer to peer assistance.


Whether you use one of these channels or all of them, you’ll improve your customer experience through better support.