Thousands of our customers love using the IntegraPay + Xero add-on. Now that they have faster customer payments and better cash flow, there’s a natural desire to start forecasting and building on this newfound success even more, but where can you begin?


There is so much data to see in Xero, but making sense of it can be difficult without a good reporting tool. Thankfully, Xero’s third-party development community has several forecasting and reporting add-ons that address this need. Get more insight into your company’s financial health by leveraging some of these great reporting add-ons.



Spotlight is one of the most popular forecasting and reporting add-ons in Xero. It’s designed for companies that want to get as much detail out of their financial records as possible. With Spotlight, you have access to many powerful reporting functions like customisable dashboards, multi-entity reports and three-way forecasting. If you’ve tried other reporting add-ons for Xero and feel that they fell short of what you’re looking for, Spotlight may just be the perfect fit. Plus if you get stuck, Spotlight also has a dedicated customer on-boarding team to help you get set up quickly.



Futrli is a reporting add-on that offers a solid set of forecasting and reporting tools without being overwhelming. It’s designed to help you make better decisions through data-driven approaches – minus the technicalities. Futrli’s integration with Xero gives you real-time data so you have the most up-to-date information possible for your reports. This reporting add-on is particularly good at giving you a top-down view of your business and showing you overall trends. As you grow, Futrli scales up with you. You won’t have to change your favorite reporting add-on as your company expands or you move into new markets.



Sometimes you need a tool that does basic reports well. If the previous two add-ons seem like they’re more complex than your company requires, Fathom provides a combination of useful reports with simple financial analysis. Fathom shines when it comes to putting together reports for management that highlight the relevant information and removes any extraneous data. You have enough power user features to cover most use cases, without getting bogged down with functionality you won’t use.


Great reports make a big difference in the success of your business. Whether you’re using them for supporting your points in a presentation or you need more information to make a decision, these add-ons assist you throughout the process.