Are you looking for ways to improve profit margins for your aged care services business? If so, one of the first things you should look at is automating aged care payments for your customers. Many companies rely on manual payments, but this inefficient solution ends up with a significant cost – lost customers.


Direct Debit Payments for Aged Care

Direct debit makes payment a simple process for you and your clients. They don’t have to worry about taking the time out of their day to handle their invoices. You can make it even easier for your clients by offering a recurring payment option. All they need to do is set things up once and never think about it again.


Automating Aged Care Payments in Your Business

Digital payment solutions, such as those offered by IntegraPay, give you the tools that you need to automate aged care service payments. You end up with a payment portal that is easy for your clients and your employees to use.


Your staff members get to spend more time on other important parts of the business, rather than dedicating their time to a process that’s easy to automate. Everything from the payment form to the confirmation goes through our payment solution. You also don’t have to worry about handling, storing and depositing cash.


Encouraging Residents to Automate Their Payments

Your residents may be hesitant to change the way that they pay their bills. If so, explain the benefits of setting up a recurring payment like direct debit. Many residents already have a lot on their plate. No longer having to think about their next aged care payment would be a welcome relief.


To ease them into it, we recommend creating a step by step guide that walks them through the process of automating their payments. You may want to have some employees trained and ready to help them go through this procedure. If your residents prefer to use a credit card, the IntegraPay card payment solution supports this method as well.


Your aged care services company has many ways to optimise your operations so you can improve your profit margin. The cost-savings and improved efficiency that automated payments bring make a huge difference in your bottom line.