People who haven’t run businesses have no idea how much stress it can cause. When you run a business, everything is your responsibility. Because it’s such a nerve-wracking career, business owners need to use these four activities to keep stress at reasonable levels.

Automate Your Payment Processes

Today’s software options can automate many of the processes that used to take up a lot of time. For instance, low-tech companies that process payments by hand can spend hours going over numbers at the end of busy days. IntegraPay makes software that automates payments. You can also use direct debit scheduling to make payments at any time of the day or night. You don’t even have to worry about security and compliance when you use IntegraPay’s automated services. The company uses certified PCI DSS compliant solutions and has an Australian Financial Services License. While some business owners spend time fretting about payments, those who use software that automates these processes get the peace of mind that they need to reduce stress.

Delegate Responsibilities to Trusted Employees

Entrepreneurs often want to take charge of every project, because they want to make sure that things get done perfectly. The stress of micromanaging employees, however, will eventually make you burn out. When that happens, you may not have the mental resources to make important decisions. Find a trustworthy employee within your company who wants to take on more responsibilities. Delegating some responsibilities to that person will give you a break. Delegating also helps your employees develop management skills that will help your business operate more successfully.


Owning a business makes you responsible for your employees and clients. All of that stress can make you grumpy. Over time, it can also take a serious toll on your health. Studies show that regular exercise increases the amount of feel-good chemicals like endorphins and serotonin in brains. As a result, you’ll feel less stressed even on the most trying days.3

Prioritize Sleep

As a business owner, you’re probably the first person at the office in the morning and the last one to leave at night. The pressure of running a business may tempt you to get as little sleep as possible. Sleep deprivation, however, will make you inefficient and increase your stress. Sleep deprivation is such a problem in Australia that it costs the economy about $66.4 billion in lower productivity and healthcare bills. Staying up late may help you do more work in the short term, but it has long-term effects that will harm your health and business. Business owners play crucial roles in a country’s economic success. Add these activities to your life so you can reduce stress and keep doing great work.