Small businesses have the ability to start green initiatives. You don’t need a huge corporation with a bulging budget to make smart changes around the office. Try these six achievable green initiatives to help the environment and give your brand’s image a boost.

Ditch Paper

Eliminate as much paper as possible from your office. You can start by:

  • Getting important signatures on file.
  • Investing in a scanner or a scanning app.
  • Sharing documents on your network or through a cloud service like Dropbox or Evernote.


Focus Marketing Efforts Online

You kill a lot of trees when you print marketing materials on flyers and other paper materials. Shifting your marketing efforts to the internet will reduce the amount of paper that you use reaching customers.

You already have a marketing budget, so use that money to find online options that will reach your target customers. You may want to:

  • Build a website with a blog section.
  • Get more active on social media sites.
  • Pay Google, Facebook, and other companies to display your online ads.


Make Payments Online

It’s 2018, which means that it’s time for you to stop writing cheques. Nearly all companies accept online payments. In fact, they prefer online payments because they’re easier to process. Go green to save everyone time and money.

Consider Green Investments

Ethical investing involves putting your money in companies that behave responsibly. Talk to your investment professional about green investments. Surprisingly, you may find that you get a bigger return by investing in ethical businesses.

Align Your Business With a Green Cause

Environmental organisations always need help from corporations and businesses. Whether you choose to give them money or have your employees volunteer a day of work, it’s fairly easy to find a green cause that needs your help. Of course, you want to make sure you choose a legitimate group. The Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network (AEGN) recommends hundreds of vetted organisations you can work with.

Make Your Initiatives Known

Your employees need to know about your initiatives before they can participate. Of course, making your initiative known can also improve your brand’s image. Let everyone know that your small business has started a green initiative. Just make sure that you spread the work in an eco-friendly way. Handing out flyers probably isn’t the best approach.